astral projection meditation

Do you remember dreaming of floating out from your body and then viewed yourself from outside? Chances are that you woke up just about then, explaining it away to yourself as just a strange dream. But it may also have been the beginning of an astral projection experience during your sleep in which your spiritual self separated from your physical self and traveled to higher astral levels or a different realm of consciousness.

Do you imagine what it would feel to leave your body and let your consciousness travel to different ethereal levels, recognizing your own body and the world from a distance? It is because of this that grasping astral projection is extremely popular amongst many different types of people.

A really important and foremost part of mastering astral projection needs psychic assertions. You should remember that to enable you to attain anything, you need to have faith that it can be done. Get rid of any fears and apprehensions from your head and constantly affirm or tell your inner self that you can, and you will be able to transport your spirit self to the astral plane. Record your views if it helps and remember that having belief in yourself can achieve almost anything you want out of life.

An extremely important thing in mastering astral projection is starting meditation techniques. With increased meditation, you will gradually become more aware of your inner self. You will find that you are able to control your subconscious and direct all your energy and attention into what you desire which results in you developing a heightened power of visualization which is imperative for mastering astral projection.

The mastering of astral travel includes the vital element of time. The perfect moment in time in which to induce such a projection is during REM sleep. Humans sleep in four stages with each phase becoming rapidly deeper than the one before. After the final stage of very deep sleep, we see the reversal of the cycle till it comes to the phase known as the REM or rapid eye movement phase where the brain’s activity is at its maximum value. This is the moment which is the most conducive for mastering astral projection.

When you are completely prepared mentally for astral projection and know the perfect time for it, arrange for minimimely lit room where there’s calm and peace without any interference from anyone else or electronic devices. If possible refrain from eating meat and items like caffeine and other similar stimulants and thereafter lie down slowly. You should also be wearing light comfortable clothes. Your main objective should be to simulate REM sleep.

You should begin with meditation and becoming aware of yourself and the energy flowing in you. You need to focus this energy into a vision of you floating away from your body or alternatively you can imagine a rope and seeing yourself climb up it.

An essential point to note in grasping astral projection is that when you are traveling away from your physical body, even if for the trivial of moments start to feel a sudden anxiety concerning whether it is possible to return back to your physical body, then you can be certain that your astral projection will come to a abrupt end immediately.

You will experience a pulling effect from your body or feel a unexpected ‘sucking back’ or ‘waking up’ from your astral plane to reality.

One can also use technology to help you perfect astral projection. Binaural beats which is when two soundwaves of unique frequencies are played back through each ear synchronizes your brain waves and creates the mental condition needed for astral projection.

Mastering astral projection really is an extremely rewarding way to be able to comprehend your full potential beyond illusionary reality.

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