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It is feasible to get visions about the future making use of astral projection. This is called astral premonition and it combines the aspects of precognition, time travel in addition to astral projection. In this case, the projector is capable of acquiring expertise from the near future from traveling into the future in an astral body. The projectors will appear corporeal and can mingle with individuals there. Some are capable of influencing the cosmos while there. They can investigate the future with no direct physical harm to the real world individuals. The projectors could remain within the future for extended periods of time.

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Astral projection is a type of out of body experience that enables the astral body to journey everywhere to any location in the cosmos. This further advances the idea that human beings have seven bodies, one for each of the seven reality planes, according to the training of Madame Blavatsky.

In the course of travel, an astral body sees other bodies rather than the physical, etheric, emotional and spiritual bodies et cetera. In out of body experiences such as near death along with remote viewing, the consciousness in a person is separated from his/her physical body. However in astral projection, it is the astral body that goes out of the body and not the soul or awareness.

In fact, the conscious mind follows the astral body as it leaves. The astral body is the body with the aura. The astral cord that connects it to the corporeal body throughout astral projection is stated to be indefinitely elastic. It is like a type of Ariadne’s thread or cosmic umbilical cord.

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There are individuals who astral project even when they do not wish to. It is ironic that whereas millions of people are seeking means that can help them leave their bodies, but in vain; a few are trying to find means to reject the exercise. Preventing astral projection is done by doing the direct opposite of exactly what you have been doing to astral project. Do not lie on your back. Spontaneous astral projection occurs when you are in that position. Get used to sleeping on your tummy or side. Studies have revealed that it is simpler to astral project when resting rather than throughout long hours of sleep during the night. Avoid taking naps and you should sleep through the night to avoid astral projection.

If you are used to meditating prior to bed, alter the time to avoid an unwanted astral projection. In some cases you may try to prevent the travel however fail. You can still do it at an advanced phase where you are needed to seperate from your body. By pulling your energy back in tight; you can prevent the separation of your astral and physical bodies.

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Some individuals start astral projecting at 15 or even younger. At this phase, they astral project more regularly for instance about 4 times a week when they have mastered the art absolutely. It reaches a time when an individual has the tendency to get tired for one reason or another and therefore the regularity of astral projection lowers. Some people will get tired of being attacked by the unfavorable and low energy astral entities. Normally, throughout university years, most individuals will likewise try astral travel less often than they did at senior high school because they often start concentrating on matters of the real world more.

Then later in life, the regularity goes down due to aging. The older you are the slimmer your opportunities are that you will effectively astral project. The most possible reason for this can be the simple fact that at a later age, there is so much to consider and take care of other than astral projecting. A teenager does not have any kids to bother about. The young adult neither thinks about funds and wellness like the moms and dads would do. Additionally, the chances of a young adult who is simply starting to astral task to be effective are greater than those of a 40 year old also beginning.

This shows that younger individuals appear to learn astral projection much faster and have a much better control over it than the older members of the society.

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