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There is a sensation a person experiences, one in which they feel as though they are floating outside of their body. This is what is called an out of body experience or OBE. This experience has been scientifically proven and happens most often when a person is near death.

The concept of feeling the body out of its original sphere is termed as an astral projection or even as the out of body experience.

It is not a concept that should be scorned, because many who have come near death have returned to recount their memories of seeing their physical body lying in a room. These people are also able to describe activities that occurred in the room during their experience.

It was in 1943 that this term began to come into usage, instead of the more belief- centric term of ‘projection’. In olden days, out of body experiences were called ‘spirit walking’. Scientists are still researching about this particular phenomena because they cannot consider it to be something imaginary.

About one in ten perceives to this out of body experience at certain instances of their life or the other.

Those who have experienced such kind have revealed a vast imagination thing,so one cannot take this into a matter of queries.

Not all out of the body experiences happen near death.

There are a number of OBEs that are spontaneous or are done on purpose. They can also be brought on by mental or physical trauma, drug use, or trance or coma state.

There are a number of sites on the Internet that promise you the enjoyment of astral projection and travel. If you know how to do it, astral projection isn’t difficult at all.

Many generations later, the descendants of those ancient people who were so adept at out of body experiences have now forgotten how to do it. Fortunately, astral projection does not require an extreme amount of spiritual or mental power.

This does not mean that a person doesn’t have to concentrate on one point. Understand that your conscious mind is going to hold you back out of fear. The fear that once your astral body is out it won’t be able to get back in, hence leaving you an empty shell. This fear is a subconscious fear.

It is believed that a person’s astral body is able to leave the physical body for a short time. If a person truly believes that he can project the astral body from the physical body, he is on his way to succeeding. This is because he has already suggested himself into allowing his conscious mind to completely ‘let go’.

If you have fear that your astral body will not be able to find its way back inside of your physical body or you fear your physical body will die without your astral body, then you should not play around with inducing an out of body experience.

So once your mind is silenced and you know that you believe, you need to use meditation as well as self hypnosis in order to go through a successful out of body experience. Start thinking positively; tell yourself that you want to go through astral projection or out of body experience. Once your mind takes over, you are going to find yourself receptive to the thought of successful astral travel.

You must choose a time and location where you will not be disturbed. Lie down with your arms at your sides. Take slow deep breaths and focus on your breathing to the exclusion of everything else. Enter a state of deep relaxation so that your physical body will let go of your astral body and let it go forth into new dimensions that are not open to mental or physical exploration.

You will feel your body begin to tingle. Don’t try to stop this sensation, but encourage it. If any conscious thoughts pop up in your mind, push them aside and focus on breathing gently and deeply.

Normally an out of body experience begins with vibrations and a rapid heartbeat. Allow these vibrations to completely engulf you. Make sure you remain calm. Don’t allow yourself to become over excited, but the vibrations take over your body, soul, and heart. Before long you find that you have left your physical body and are beginning an exciting astral journey.

Many facing this out of body have revealed the fact that they loosed out in their dream because of conscious mind fearing the fact of getting out of body and not returning back to its own physical forever.

These people explain that their experiences were definitely not a dream and they were in an entirely different realm or sphere and undergoing experiences there. If you want to enter the exciting world of astral projection and astral travel, just remember that as long as you believe it’s possible you will be able to do it.

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