out of body obe

Out of body experience is defined as something when the person undergoes with a sensation of floating outside his physical body.

This phenomenon is a scientifically proven fact experienced as something near to death.

When a person perceives his or her physical body from a point outside the body, it is called an astral projection in addition to being called an out of body experience.

This is an experience not to be scoffed at, because a large number of people who were supposedly at death’s door, came back with memories of watching their physical body lying in a room. They could also describe the activities going on in the room during that period.

The term ‘out of body experience’ began to be used in 1943, in place of the older ‘projection’ term that to some seems more centered on beliefs. Historically, the experience was called ‘spirit walking.’ Scientists are continuing their research into this phenomenon, because it simply cannot be discounted as being imaginary.

It is hard to be skeptical about the reality of the out of body experience since it is estimated that nearly ten percent of us will experience it at least once in out lives.

At times, people spontaneously have an out of body experience. Sometimes an OBE is brought on by physical or mental trauma, using psychedelic drugs, or if the body has slipped into a state of coma or trance.

Many people have learned how to have an out of body experience any time they want one. The natural ability to astral travel was well known among the Ancients but is a talent that has been lost throughout the generations.

Astral projection is supposedly a natural process that was used frequently by the ancients. It’s unfortunate, but many of their descendents have abandoned the art of astral projection. A large level of mental or spiritual power isn’t necessary for an out of body experience.

Concentration and focus is required in order to have an out of body experience at will though because your conscious mind will work against you to prevent your astral body from leaving. There is an innate fear that your astral body will not come back and this acts like a roadblock when you want to learn astral projection.

Ones astral body can get out of the physical body for a while.During that instant one gets to feel the experience,and one gets surity that he is experiencing it in reality because at this instant one auto-suggests himself that he has already faced the experience that he is facing now.This is a way to success.

However, if there is even a tiny bit of fear that the astral body will escape from the physical body and leave him in a state of limbo, he should not try this kind of experiment.

One the mind has been silenced and you know that you believe the astral body will return you can use mediation or hypnosis to achieve a successful out of the body experience. This should be begin by thinking positively, repeatedly tell yourself that you want to astral travel and that it is safe. Once the mind finally takes over you will find that you are very open to the idea of astral travel.

Find a place where you won’t be disturbed and lie down with your arms at your sides. Give yourself time to let your aura harmonize with the aura of Mother Nature. Begin to breath deeply and focus on relaxing your body in a way that will allow your astral body to venture forth to explore all the dimensions that are outside of your mental and physical knowledge.

As your physical body relaxes your astral body will be able to move forward. You will notice a tingling sensation, allow this sensation. Make sure that you are pushing out any conscious thoughts you are having and just focus on your breathing.

An OBR usually begins with a rapid heartbeat and vibrations. Allow these vibrations to completely engulf you. Don’t allow yourself to get overly excited. Concentrate on remaining calm. Allow the sensations to completely take over your body, soul, and heart. You will soon find that your astral body is leaving your physical body and you are beginning an exciting astral journey.

Many who have had an out of body experience say that their OBE ended because they were afraid of leaving their physical body too far behind. These people say their experience was clearly not a dream.

According to those who faced this situation,they believed that it was not their dream,but a vision of reality where they stayed a while in a different realm or sphere.So if one wants to take part in this astral travel,then one can surely pursue it,if one believes in himself that he can do it,then he can surely do it.

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