learn to astral project

Learning Astral Projection means learning the art of separating your subconscious self from your physical body and traveling from this towards an alternative reality.

Ancient religious shamen were understood to be adept in this and could go beyond the physical limits of the universe by traveling to these higher astral planes.

Lots of people today are devoting a great deal of effort in mastering astral projection. This is due to the fact that the experience of leaving your own physical body and watching it from a distance is an experience of a life time. In addition, your subtle state of consciousness, your aura, or your spirit self, transcends the physical cosmos and moves freely to a higher plane moving away from the body to wherever desired, observing the world at a distance. Hence, exceling in astral projection is a really popular activity amidst the esoteric believers.

The first and foremost area of exceling in astral projection needs mental affirmations. Take out fears and uneasiness from your mind and consistently affirm or tell your subconscious that you can, and you will successfully project yourself astrally.

The third thing to note in mastering astral projection is the time in which you are going to induce it. Just about all astral projection that happens is connected with sleep, especially REM and lucid dreaming stages. When you are sleeping you have 4 phases of sleep growing deeper in each one. After the fourth phase the cycle reverses till it reaches the REM mode which consists of Rapid eye Motion and extreme brain activity. This is the time when people have a lot of dreams and the right time to experience astral projection.

Now that you have prepared yourself mentally for astral travel and understand the right time for it, organize for a dimly lit space where there’s calm and pace without any obstruction from individual or electrical machines. If possible abstain from excessive food and products like caffeine and after that rest gradually donning light comfortable garments. Your primary goal ought to be to mimic REM rest. Begin with little meditational strategies for calming down your mind and to channelize your energies.

Attempt to imagine a cordage dangling in front of you and yourself climbing out of your body. Go into a deep trance like state and focus all your energy on this visualization.

An essential thing to keep in mind in attempting astral projection is that if one has even the slightest of worries regarding whether you’ll have the ability to revisit the body then you will definitely not have the ability to leave anyway. Furthermore, after you really leave your body and start to go forward bear in mind not to panic or be fearful while moving away even more because then you will certainly be instantly pulled back into your body immediately.

Finally, technical innovations like binaural beats can be utilized in creating the mental state that is conducive to astral projection. Binaural beats entail hearing 2 different sound vibrations with both ears which fuses into each other and syncronizes with your brainwaves so as to produce the necessary mental state. Whatever procedure is utilized, becoming good at astral projection is not particularly easy and requires you to make use of your higher mindpower. Nevertheless, when finally it is achieved, it is an experience of a lifetime which forces open several doors to your personality which you might not have actually recognized previously.

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