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Being successful at Astral Travel requires mastering the art of dividing your sentience from your physical body and traveling from the latter towards another higher astral level.

Venerable religious practitioners were presumed to be proficient projecting and could exceed the physical borders of the universe by projecting to a higher plane.

Do you imagine what it would feel to leave your body and let your consciousness journey to different celestial dimensions, seeing your own body and the world from a distance? It is because of this that mastering astral travel is extremely popular amongst people with a little esoteric bent of mind or even otherwise.

A very important and paramount aspect of mastering astral projection requires psychic affirmations. You should remember that to achieve anything, you have to believe that that it is possible. Remove fears and apprehensions from your mind and constantly affirm or tell your unconscious that it is possible, and you will be able to channel yourself to the astral plane. Write down your opinions if you want to and remember that having faith can attain almost anything you want out of life.

The most vital thing that you really need to start and establish is meditation. Projecting your astral existence from your physical body requires a very high level of concentration and focus, visualization power, good control of your unconscious mind and an capability to channel one’s attention and energy which really can only be developed by using meditation techniques.

It is important to note in trying to perfect astral travel, the time in which you intend inducing it. Almost all astral projection that takes place is seen to be in relation with sleep, this is specifically REM and lucid dreaming stages. When you sleep you actually go through four stages with your sleep growing deeper in each one. When the fourth stage has concluded the cycle inverses until reaching the REM mode which consists of Rapid eye Movement and intense brain activity. This is actually when people dream a lot and is perfect for astral travel.

Once you are mentally ready for astral projecting, you need to lie down in a softly lit or candle lit room with you wearing light clothers. Ensure that no electrical equipment should be switched on likely to distract you and you really should not have too much food, especially meat or coffee. Try to mimic the REM sleep mode, let your body rest, but keep your mind awake and focused.

You can start with very small meditational techniques for relaxing your mind and to channelize your energies. Attempt to visualize a rope suspended in front of you and see yourself ascending out of your body. Go into a deep unconsciousness like phase and focus all your energies on this visualization.

Something really important you should remember in mastering astral projection is that if one has even the slightest of apprehensions regarding returning to your body then you will not be able to leave in the first place.

You are likely to feel a pulling effect from your body or even feel a unexpected ‘waking up’ from your astral level to reality.

Nowadays you can use technology to assist with astral projection. Something known as Binaural beats is actually two slightly unique soundwaves played through different ears results in the synchronization of your brainwaves which creates the mental condition to allow astral projecting.

Mastering astral projection can be said to be one of the most rewarding way to understand your full potential beyond what you currently know as reality.

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