are out of body experiences real

Mastering Astral Projection entails learning how to seperate your spiritual self from your physical body and traveling from this towards an alternative reality.

Ancient religious practitioners were understood to be well practised in this and could go beyond the physical boundaries of the cosmos by traveling to these higher astral dimensions.

Today we find both esoteric followers as well as many other individuals, who are really interested in learning being able to project oneself into the higher subtle consciousness realms.

Though a bit weird, this is without question an experience of a lifetime because it involves leaving your physical body and viewing it from a distance.

Furthermore you can travel as far away as you desire and view the earth from your astral body.

First of all, in learning astral projection, you have to believe in yourself and absolutely have faith that you can separate your aura, astral self or consciousness from your physical body making it move easily to ethereal realms. The very best method to do this is to write down all your thoughts on life and truth, then write down all the positive things that you would like to see happening and assert your mind regarding the last

Secondly, the most essential thing that you require to begin, is to start meditating. Projecting your astral self from your physical body needs a high level of focus, visualization power, control of your subconscious mind and a capacity to channel one’s attention and energy, all of which can simply be established with the support of meditation.

Thirdly, mastering astral projection includes the incredibly crucial element of time. The excellent time in which to generate such a projection is throughout REM sleep. People rest in four phases with each stage becoming deeper than the previous one. After the last phase of incredibly deep sleep, the cycle reverses till it concerns the stage of the REM or rapid eye movement phase where the brain activity is at its max. This is the time which is the most useful for mastering astral projection.

Now that you have actually prepared yourself psychologically for astral travel and know the perfect time for it, organize for a dimly lit area where there’s calm and pace without any sort of interference from person or electrical gadgets. If feasible abstain from excessive food and items like caffeine and after that rest slowly using light comfy clothes. Your primary target ought to be to simulate REM sleep. Start with small meditational techniques for calming down your mind and to channelize your energies.

Attempt to visualize a rope dangling in front of you and yourself going up from your body. Go into a deep trance like state and concentrate all your energy on this visualization.

The thing that might get in the way of astral projection is the concern or anxiousness in the minds of the person relating to returning back to his physical body. Consistently bear in mind that having faith and belief is the most necessary thing and even the least doubt concerning such things will definitely prevent you successfully projecting. And secondly, even if you manage to travel to another plane and suddenly get scared about traveling so far away, then your astral self would all of a sudden be pulled back into your physical body.

You can use Binaural Beats in helping you to learn astral projection if you decide to use technological methods.

This involves hearing sound waves at different frequencies with each ear which synchronizes your own brainwaves, consequently generating a psychological condition that is extremely conductive to astral projection. Whatever technique you decide to utilize to get yourself ready before you start experiencing the voyage of astral travel, it’s a journey of a life time and an experience you will always remember.

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