how to astral project fast

Out of body experience is defined as something when the person undergoes with a sensation of floating outside his physical body.

This phenomenon is a scientifically proven fact experienced as something near to death.

This idea of presenting the body outside the body of ones origin is also termed as the astral projection alongwith the terminology of out of body experience.

This is a real experience and one that should not be ignored. There have been many people that were on the verge of dying that have come back to share their experiences, they have been able to tell other’s in the room what was going on even though medically speaking the were non-responsive.

It was in 1943 that this term began to come into usage, instead of the more belief- centric term of ‘projection’. In olden days, out of body experiences were called ‘spirit walking’. Scientists are still researching about this particular phenomena because they cannot consider it to be something imaginary.

This is due to the fact that the statistics back up the claims that out of body experiences do take place. Consider that one out of every ten people have experienced an out of body experience at some point I their life.

Not all out of the body experiences happen near death.

There are a number of OBEs that are spontaneous or are done on purpose. They can also be brought on by mental or physical trauma, drug use, or trance or coma state.

There are a plethora of websites on the net that promise a person astral travel and astral projection joys. Astral projection is not a difficult thing for one to do, as long as that person does it the right way. It is believed that astral projection is a natural process, a process that has been since ancient times by ancient people.

But this kind of power has been unfortunately forgotten or unutilized by the preachers of this modern world.As such one doesnot need to be so much spiritually or mentally focused into attaining out of body experience.

One should have the power to concentrate and focus on the point where he is trying to get into.Outer world and other extensions will constantly pull him back from focusing.This is his conscious mind which projects the fear of not returning back if once reached in the state of out of physical body.

It is believed that a person’s astral self can be projected out from the physical, corporeal body for a short time. If you believe this is possible, you are already on your way to successfully attaining an out of body experience. You have auto-suggested yourself into permitting your conscious mind to let go of its fear.

But if in the same instant one gets the fear of not coming back from his astral world anymore or getting into his physical body from the outwardly projection,one should not perceive it any further.

One the mind has been silenced and you know that you believe the astral body will return you can use mediation or hypnosis to achieve a successful out of the body experience. This should be begin by thinking positively, repeatedly tell yourself that you want to astral travel and that it is safe. Once the mind finally takes over you will find that you are very open to the idea of astral travel.

Now you need to lie down in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Let your arms rest at your sides. Allow your aura to become one with Mother Nature. You should be breathing deeply, but slowly so that your body relaxes.

You will feel your body begin to tingle. Don’t try to stop this sensation, but encourage it. If any conscious thoughts pop up in your mind, push them aside and focus on breathing gently and deeply.

In addition to the tingling, you may feel like your body is vibrating and your heart may feel like it is racing. Don’t get excited by these feelings or try to stop them. Focus on your breathing and let the feelings engulf you. Let the out of body experience unfold and soon your astral body will be free to adventure on an amazing journey into unknown realms.

Trust that your astral body is going to make it back to your body.

A number of people that have had out of the body experiences state that their journey ended because of the sudden fear that their astral body was getting to far away from their physical body.

They have also stated that then knew that they weren’t dreaming because they knew that they were existing in another realm having experiences there. The key to an out of body experience such as astral travel or projection is believing that you can do it and believing that your astral body will make it back.

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