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Despite the fact that it could be artificially induced, astral projection is a natural occurrence that makes it possible for an individual to purposely separate his soul or astral body from the corporeal or physical body. When this takes place, the awareness of the person goes with the astral body. The effect of astral projection resembles that of an out of body experience. For example, when somebody’s soul leaves the physical body suddenly without the intent of the fully conscious mind, like for example with trauma or surgery, the individual is said to have had an out of body experience. An astral projection is a similar occurrence just that whereas the out of body experience takes a much shorter time, an astral projection takes as long as the individual wants to. Throughout astral projection, the physical body stays behind in a type of stasis.

The corporeal body is still alive and functions normally even when the astral body is gone. The two bodies are linked by a silver cord that when cut, the specific succumbs to death. It is thought that this is exactly what takes place in death.

When the silver cord is cut, there is no longer any connection between the soul and the body any longer and the conscious mind leaves the body behind with an empty shell of organs, flesh and blood. This is exactly what is buried or cremated.

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Reality is actually created by thought projection, which is consciousness, into the physical plane. A human does not consist of simply a single body. Rather, there are five subtle bodies of energy. One of these bodies is the astral body.

It is this particular body that is closest to the physical body of an individual in vibration. It is additionally called the ‘wish body’ because it goes to the place the individual unconsciously wants or wishes to go. The astral body will generally separate itself from the human constitution throughout sleep even though it is possible for this to happen when an individual is mindful and awake fully. The connection of the astral body to the physical body is with a silver cord or an astral cord which is capable of extending as far as the edge of the Universe. This describes the fact that whereas some people astral project to spots as near as the ceiling, others do so to as far as other planets all around the Cosmos. Some people can see the astral or silver cord throughout the exercise.

Astral projection must not be feared because it takes place in most cases normally. Induced projection is tried out of interest occasionally. Otherwise, it can be necessary or a result of some spiritual practice. This means that it is done or happens for the straightforward reasons to know the future, to recover the sick, to contact the various other astral beings, to grant the physical body the rest it requires along with to gather information on the spirit world.

There are people who astral project even when they do not wish to. It is ironic that whereas millions of individuals are finding methods that could help them leave their bodies, however in vain; some are seeking methods to reject the experience.

Preventing astral projection is done by doing the direct opposite of exactly what you have actually been doing to astral project. Do not lie on your back. Spontaneous astral projection takes place when you are lying on your back. Get used to sleeping on your belly or side. Studies have revealed that it is much easier to astral project when taking a nap as opposed to throughout long hours of sleep in the evening. Avoid taking naps and you should sleep through the night to avoid astral projection.

If you are used to meditating before bed, alter the time to prevent an undesirable astral projection. In some cases you may attempt to avoid the travel however fail. You can still do it at a state-of-the-art stage where you are required to seperate from your body. By pulling your energy back in tight; you can prevent the splitting up of your astral and physical bodies.

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Astral projection, also referred to as astral travel, is an interpretation of out-of-body experience, OBE, where it is believed that there is an astral body that is separate from the physical body and has the power to travel outside it to any destination wanted. Astral projection denotes the astral body departing from the physical body to allow it to journey in the astral plane. This projection has absolutely nothing to do with skill.

Neither is it inherited. It is in reality a natural occurrence that occurs to nearly everyone and in lots of circumstances; the individual could not understand or consciously aware of it. Even though it may occur spontaneously without an individual’s awareness, there are a number of means of developing the capacity to go into astral travel consciously.

This thought is a fact according to esoteric researchers, parapsychologists and spirituality. Although some individuals currently have had the astral projection experience, the orthodox science has no explanation of astral projection since the experts themselves do not really believe such a thing. Numerous people might not discuss their experience because they fear being considered merely hallucinating or ridiculous. This is really the view of a majority of the orthodox researchers who discuss that this feeling of astral projection is just but an impression that comes about due to absence of oxygen in the human brain.

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