a guide to astral projection

An out of body experience or OBE, is when someone has the sensation of floating outside his or her body. This scientifically proven experience normally takes place when a person is very near death.

The experience of viewing your physical body from sphere that is outside of your body is known as both an out of body experience and an astral projection.

This feeling cannot be described in general terms,as person experiencing such terms have explained the fact that they were lying dead in a room, they even had the knowledge what was going inside it or they faced near-death experiences in there.

People began to refer to this experience as an out of body experience or OBE in 1943, instead using the term ‘projection.’ This transition in names occurred in response to the perception that ‘projection’ was more of a belief-centered term. In the past, however, OBEs were referred to as ‘spirit walking.’ Scientific research into this type of experience is ongoing, because it cannot be considered imaginary.

About one person out of every 10 may have encountered such an experience sometime or the other in his life. The statistics for people who have experienced OBE are extremely large, so one cannot look at this experience with skepticism.

An out of body experience can happen at various times. It could be brought on by psychedelic drugs or happen as a result of a deep trance. It may be the result of mental or emotional trauma. Physical trauma or coma may initiate an out of body experience. Sometimes it may happen spontaneously while other times it may be done intentionally.

You may even be able to deliberately induce an out of body experience. You can find books and courses that claim to be able to teach you how to astral travel at will. It is thought that the Ancients had the natural ability for astral travel but this art has been lost throughout the generations.

But this kind of power has been unfortunately forgotten or unutilized by the preachers of this modern world.As such one doesnot need to be so much spiritually or mentally focused into attaining out of body experience.

This does not mean that a person doesn’t have to concentrate on one point. Understand that your conscious mind is going to hold you back out of fear. The fear that once your astral body is out it won’t be able to get back in, hence leaving you an empty shell. This fear is a subconscious fear.

Ones astral body can get out of the physical body for a while.During that instant one gets to feel the experience,and one gets surity that he is experiencing it in reality because at this instant one auto-suggests himself that he has already faced the experience that he is facing now.This is a way to success.

However for those that have even the slightest bit of doubt it is recommended that they not attempt to do any sort of out of the body experience.

If you are confident in your beliefs, then you must silence your mind with methods like self hypnosis and meditation so you can leave your body. Think positive thoughts about having an out of body experience and tell yourself that you will astral travel. Once your thoughts are in the right place, your mind will take over and be receptive to astral projection.

The first step to start with is laying down in a silent place where one doesnt get easily disturbed by others.Then let the hands rest on the sides so that the vibes of mother nature attracts the inner-sensuality or feelings one is experiencing at that moment.After breathing deeply,one needs to start focusing on the astral body to explore the areas beyond ones physical vision.

As your physical body relaxes your astral body will be able to move forward. You will notice a tingling sensation, allow this sensation. Make sure that you are pushing out any conscious thoughts you are having and just focus on your breathing.

Typically, an OBE will begin with a rapid pulse and vibrations. When you feel these vibrations, simply let them wash over you, staying calm. Instead of getting excited, just calmly allow the vibrations to assume control of your entire being. You’ll soon leave your physical body and take a thrilling astral journey into an unknown realm.

Some people say that their out of body experience ended because of their fear of leaving their physical body too far away.

They say that their OBE was not just a dream, because they had actual experiences in that other dimension. Astral travel can open up an exciting new world.

If you want to enjoy an out of body experience and you firmly believe you can accomplish it, you will be able to.

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