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Have you ever dreamt of floating out from your body and then watched from outside? You probably woke up at that point, thinking the dream to be strange. But it in all likelihood the start of an astral projection experience when you were asleep in which your spirit left your body and traveled to higher astral dimensions or a different world of consciousness.

Do you wonder what it would feel to exit your body and let your consciousness travel to different ethereal levels, seeing your own physical body and the world from far away? It is for this very reason that comprehending astral projection is so very popular amongst people with a little esoteric bent of mind or even otherwise.

In mastering astral projection, a very important thing is making affirmations to ensure that your subconscious mind knows that you will be able to do it. If there are any doubts and your subconscious mind is not convinced then astral travel will be very difficult. It is vital you have complete faith in what you are doing and so what needs to be done is to write down some of your beliefs regarding life and reality and then record and keep going over to yourself all about the eternal, omnipotent nature of your soul which can travel to different astral planes.

The most vital thing that you need to start learning and establish is learning to meditate.

Projecting your spiritual self from beyond your physical body requires you to have a high level of focus, visualization power, control of your unconscious mind and an ability to concentrate one’s attention and energy which can only be developed when you use meditation to help you.

Something else which is important in grasping astral projection refers to the moment of the projection. In discussing this the concept of REM needs to be analyzed.

After four levels of sleep cycle each deeper and slower than the others, the sleep cycle reverses. REM is short for Rapid Eye Movement stage when the brain is very active and the majority or dreams occur. It is this cycle of time which is the most efficient for astral projection.

Now that you have prepared yourself mentally for astral travel and know the perfect time for it, arrange for dimly lit room where it is calm and peaceful without any interference from person or electrical devices. It is important to refrain from eating meat and items like caffeine and other similar stimulants and following lie down slowly. You should also be wearing light cozy clothes. Your primary goal should be to simulate REM sleep.

You should start with tiny meditational techniques for relaxing your mind and to focus your energies. Attempt to envision a rope dangling ahead of you and yourself ascending out of your body. Go into a deep unconsciousness like phase and focus all your energies on this perception.

An important point to take note of in mastering astral projection is the fact that when you are journeying away from your physical body, even if for the trivial of moments start to feel a unexpected fear concerning whether you can return back to your physical body, then be sure that your astral travel will come to a abrupt end then and there.

Do not be frightened or you will not be able to do it. Even if you can manage to travel to a higher dimension and suddenly get scared in journeying out from the body then your spiritual self would suddenly be pulled back into your physical body.

It is possible to use Binaural Beats in grasping astral projection if you decide to use technology to assist you. This involves hearing different sound waves through each ear which goes into the brain to harmonize and thereby establish a mental state that is highly conducive to astral travel.

Learning how to astral project is actually a highly rewarding way to understand what your potential really is beyond what we have been led to believe is reality.

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