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It is very important to remain safe as you astral travel with or without the company of your friends. You do not need to be a naughty and weird astral body who does not respect the living people’s personal privacy. You do not need to spy on them.

Instead, be responsible, make your rounds and assure your loved ones in their sleep. Ensure that you do not revive an astral body with you while returning to your body. You will not like other astral entities floating around you when you are awake and aware.

They will leech and suck off your energy substantially. Additionally, permit your body and mind to rest and restore the lost energy. So, do not be so enamored with astral projection and forget that sleep is a principle of a healthy living.

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Astral projection is a kind of out of body experience that makes it possible for the astral body to journey everywhere to any location in the cosmos. This further advances the thought that human beings have seven bodies, one for each of the seven reality planes, according to the teaching of Madame Blavatsky.

In the course of travel, an astral body perceives various other bodies as opposed to the physical, etheric, emotional and spiritual bodies et cetera. In out of body experiences such as near death along with remote viewing, the awareness in an individual is removed from his or her physical body. Nevertheless in astral projection, it is the astral body that leaves the body and not the soul or awareness.

In fact, the conscious mind follows the astral body as it leaves. The astral body is the body with the aura. The astral cord that links it to the corporeal body during astral projection is stated to be forever elastic. It is like a kind of Ariadne’s thread or cosmic umbilical cord.


There is a spell that permits individuals to project astral bodies on to some other planes by releasing the spirit from the body. The people can bring along with them forms of other creatures as long as they are prepared which these subjects have a link in their (individual) circle specifically at the time of casting. These fellow travelers become dependent on the individuals and they have to accompany them at all times. This means that in case something takes place to a person in the course of the journey, his/her friends are left stranded at the precise point they are left. Individuals in this spell should leave their physical bodies behind always when they astral project themselves on the astral plane.

The physical body is left on a material plane in a suspended animation condition. An individual’s astral self including all they are wearing or are holding is projected on to the astral plane by the spell. And since this plane touches on various other dimensions, it is possible to astral travel to any of the other dimensions wanted. To get to another plane, individuals should leave the astral one, forming brand-new physical bodies as well as devices on the existent plane they have determined to get on to. The spell will last till a person decides to end it or it is ended by some outside means like dispel magic that is cast upon the astral types or the physical bodies. Additionally, the spell could end if there is devastation of the physical bodies or the silvery cords are broken.

Out of Body Experience

There are no side effects in astral projection if the projection comes by during normal sleep since it is a natural phenomenon. Nevertheless, there could be an issue if this astral projection is induced specifically if the individual is not prepared totally for the travel. If this takes place, the person will meet lesser or negative astral beings. He might wind up in a vortex known as the Phantasmagoric Plane. Below, the very negative entities will try to grab his astral body by force and be determined not to let him escape.

This is just like going inside a black hole where there is no escape. This indicates that the person will not wake up at all. Astral projection is safe and safe because this problem is very unusual. Likewise, it is discouraged to try inducing astral projection in a haunted place or a spot with lower adverse entities because there can be spirit possession while the astral body is away. An additional entity might take advantage and manage the sleeping physical body. Inducing an astral projection ought to be attempted in a positive and safe environment as a result.

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