obe experience

An out of body experience is an interesting phenomenon that people often experience at the time of impending death but happens at other times as well. Sometimes referred to an OBE, this experience has been scientifically studied and validated.

This idea of presenting the body outside the body of ones origin is also termed as the astral projection alongwith the terminology of out of body experience.

This physical experience cannot be questioned about,as some people have even felt the near-death experience by visualizing their body in a room lying after their death.They explained that condition and even the events happening inside the room they lied in.

The term came into existence in 1943,but before it was perceived as something belief-centric term called ‘Projection’.In earlier days some misinterpreted with ‘spirit walking’,but scientists judged it with experimental evidences as something which cannot be taken into imaginary world.

It is hard to be skeptical about the reality of the out of body experience since it is estimated that nearly ten percent of us will experience it at least once in out lives.

Sometimes, some people undergo an out of body experience spontaneously. On other occasions, this might be brought on due to mental and physical trauma, the use of psychedelic drugs or even when a body has slipped into a state of trance or coma.

There are many places in the internet where one can find the pleasure of astral travel and projection.

This projection is very easy as one gets to know of its rules and regulations in the right way.This is supposed as the natural process used long ago by the ancient preachers.

However, once taught the proper way to do it, people today can purposely have an out of body experience without the need of well trained mental powers or even advanced spiritual development.

However, you do have to possess the ability to completely focus on just one point. If the conscious mind holds you back because it fears that if you project yourself from your body, you won’t be able to come back.

It is this subconscious fear that will prevent you from experiencing astral travel and projection.

It’s believed that a person’s astral body is able to leave the physical body for a short period of time. When a person truly believes that he is able to project his astral body from his physical body, he is on his well on his way to succeeding. This is because he has already auto suggested to his conscious mind to completely ‘let go’.

However, if there is even the slightest bit of fear that the astral body will be able to escape from the physical body and wind up in a permanent state of limbo, a person is much better off not attempting any kind of experimentation.

If you know you believe in this phenomenon, silence your fears.

You’ll need to use meditation and self-hypnosis to have a successful OBE. Begin having positive thoughts and tell yourself you want to experience astral projection. As your mind takes over, you will find yourself accepting the possibility of successful astral travel.

Now you need to lie down in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Let your arms rest at your sides. Allow your aura to become one with Mother Nature. You should be breathing deeply, but slowly so that your body relaxes.

You will notice a tingling feeling; encourage this sensation as it is the feeling of the astral body leaving the physical body. Try to push out any physical thoughts that are entering your mind, just concentrate and breathe.

An out of body experience normally start with vibrations and rapid heartbeat. Let these vibrations engulf you. Stay calm. Do not get over excited; let them take over your heart body and soul. You are soon going to find yourself leaving your physical body behind and setting onto your out of body experience in your exciting astral journey.

Many people have developed the ability to astral travel. Some of them report that the out of body experience is cut short because of their fear of getting to far away from the physical body.

The revealations of the people who faced this situations was obviously not a dream,but they explained existing in some different realms or sphere which showed some origin of events.Thus,if one believes in the idea that he can project into astral world,one should seriously continue with it,if he believes he can do,then he can surely do it.

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