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Have you ever dreamt of flying out from your body and then seen yourself from outside? You probably woke up at that point, thinking the dream to be strange. But it may also have been the start of an astral projection experience during your sleep in which you left your physical body and traveled to higher astral levels or a different realm of consciousness.

Kabbalistic disciples and many ordinary people today are very interested in grasping astral projection of self into the higher subtle conscious dimensions. Though it might appear a bit eerie, this is a feeling of a lifetime since it involves leaving your own body and observing it from a distance. Moreover you can journey to whatever place you choose and examine the universe from your astral body.

When you attempt to master astral projection, a really vital thing is making affirmations to ensure that your subconscious mind knows that you will be able to do it. If your subconscious is unsure and you have the slightest of doubt then astral travel will be impossible to do. You have to have complete faith and so the best thing you can do is to record in writing all of your beliefs regarding life and afterlife and then write down and keep repeating to yourself all about the eternal, omnipotent nature of your spirit self which can travel to different astral planes.

Meditation is a very important part which is critical for mastering astral projection. Through the use of meditation one achieves increased self-consciousness with knowledge about his real self and potential. It assists calming one’s mind, increasing awareness and control over one’s subconscious mind and assists with visualization and focusing all his energy and attention to that vision which is very important in case of mastering astral projection.

The understanding of astral travel includes the very crucial element of time. The perfect moment in time in which to induce such a projection is during REM sleep. Humans have four stages of sleep with each phase becoming rapidly deeper than the one before. After the final phase of very deep sleep, the cycle reverses until it reaches the stage commonly called REM or rapid eye movement stage where the brain’s activity is at its maximum value. This is the time which is the most conducive for starting astral travel.

As soon as you are ready mentally for astral travel and know the perfect time for it, arrange for minimimely lit room where it is calm and peaceful without any obstruction from anyone else or electronic devices. It is necessary to abstain from too much food and items like caffeine and other similar stimulants and consequently lie down slowly. It is a good idea to wear light comfortable clothes. Your main objective should be to simulate REM sleep.

You can start with very small meditational procedures for relaxing your mind and to guide your energies. Attempt to envision a rope suspended in front of you and see yourself rising out of your body. Go into a profound trance like state and focus all of your energies on this visualization.

The hindrance factor in case of astral travel is the fear or anxiousness in the mind of the person regarding returning back to his physical body. Always remember that having faith and belief is the most essential thing and even the trivial doubt concerning such things will not let the travel from being successful.

You are likely to feel a pulling effect from your body or even feel a sudden ‘sucking back’ or ‘waking up’ from your astral dimension to this reality.

Advances in technology like that of binaural beats can be adopted in creating the correct state that is efficient to astral projection. Binaural Beats involve hearing two different sound vibrations through both ears at the same time which fuses into each other and synchronized in the mind which establish the necessary mental state.

Whatever method you adopted to get yourself prepared and then commencing the journey of astral projection, it will be a journey of a lifetime and an experience you will remember forever.

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