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During astral projection, the physical body and the astral body are linked using a silvery cord. In case this cord is broken both the astral body and the physical bodies are destroyed. Nonetheless, this will happen on unusual cases since there are extremely few things capable of destroying the astral cord. In a magic spell, a new physical body is formed any time an individual leaves the astral plane to enter another dimension. The incorporeal silvery cord remains attached to this brand-new physical body invisibly. In case the astral form or second body is murdered, the cord will go back to the material plane, where the physical body rests. This will revive it from the suspended animation state. Even though the astral projections are capable of operating on the astral plane, their tasks just affect creatures that exist on the astral plane. A physical body should be unfolded on the other dimensions.

Astral projection is a type of out of body experience that makes it possible for the astral body to journey far and wide to any destination in the universe. This further advances the idea that human beings have seven bodies, one for each of the seven reality planes, according to the teaching of Madame Blavatsky.

In the course of travel, an astral body sees various other bodies instead of the physical, etheric, emotional and spiritual bodies etc. In out of body experiences such as near death along with remote viewing, the consciousness in a person is separated from his/her physical body. However in astral projection, it is the astral body that leaves the body and not the soul or awareness. In fact, the conscious mind follows the astral body as it leaves. The astral body is the body with the aura. The astral cord that links it to the corporeal body during astral projection is said to be indefinitely elastic. It resembles a sort of Ariadne’s thread or cosmic umbilical cord.

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Feelings of drifting from your body along with experiencing various other astral bodies are indicators of astral projection. These vary from one person to another. Others might even experience the real world from an ethereal viewpoint.

They feel that they are capable of drifting through walls along with instantaneously teleporting around the cosmos. The things you experience resemble those of OBE. Nonetheless, the principle of assumption could make the astral projection experience become more of a kind that is extremely spiritual.

Those who believe in after life expect to see deceased spirits, angels and gods. So that is exactly what they see. They could project to various astral planes; the layers of ethereal dimensions that are formed by energy and light also. The only similarity is that in out of body experiences, astral projection and lucid dreams, it is thoughts that lead a person’s experience. Thus, there is a chance that they will zap into a friend’s residence if they picture it. They will return to their bodies rapidly if they picture their bodies have actually returned to bed.

If they anticipate to see their bodies and an astral cord linking, then this will occur. No surprise then that some projectors see the silver cord whereas others do not.

Unless you encounter bodies or beings that will trigger mental damage to you or drain your energy, astral projection is extremely benign. Usually, individuals fear separating from the physical body since the bodies they meet when this takes place are not so welcoming. If you can secure yourself and can keep your vibration as high as it should be, you will have a safe and protected experience. Additionally, as long as you are have great skills in psychic self protection and you can keep your fear and panic in check astral projection experience could never ever get dangerous for you. You could call for aid from your angels in addition to guides if you could not endure the astral bullies.

If you are not cautious enough, they will feed upon your energy. It is more like flying an airplane. While inside the airplane, as long as you have your tray table in the upright position, your safety belt on and you know the procedures for security simply in case the aircraft crashes, the flight is safe.

The idea of the airplane brings us to the concern of flights. Simply due to the fact that you have once dreamt about flying does not always imply that you are astral projecting. However, if you at some point awaken on your bed, then astral project and go flying, then you could be sure that you are astral projecting. A random flying dream does not mean you have experience projection.

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