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Numerous people have wondered whether it is feasible to have an astral projection that could permit you to fly to a pal’s house and get them out of there as an astral body so that you can travel together on the astral plane. This is possible and much easier if your friend too can astral project.

When you have actually mastered the ways to astral project effectively, it is natural that you may wish to share the delight of a pal. It is only hard for you to look for a friend’s company when the buddy does not understand the best ways to astral project. Otherwise, you could quickly separate your astral body from the physical body and visit your pal to pick them up. If they are fully awake, they will not be able to see you but if they are asleep, their astral self can spot you. Since you could not call out their names or tap them on the shoulder to wake them up, you could push some astral energy towards them. If this energy involves call with their astral field, they will get the sign and will astral travel onto the astral plane with you for a tour. Nonetheless, since this is typically known as a means of notifying an astral being of some approaching risk, you need to not be taken aback if your friends misunderstand this as a risk alarm and wake up or securely ensconce themselves into their physical bodies. It is best for your pal to understand that you are going to choose them up beforehand to prevent these aggravations.

Astral projection, lucid dreaming and typical dreaming are all intertwined. Even if you get enough vibrations to separate from during astral projection, you will wind up dreaming when feasible in case you are not familiar with what you are doing.

That is why a lot of people blame their failure to astral project on dreams. However, the failure is always due to the easy reason that they gave up their control of the conscious to the subconscious forgetting that in order to astral project; they need to regulate the conscious mind so that it is kept awake throughout the exercise. The subconscious mind has its very own agenda as well as interaction system. It could never be used in astral travel for that reason. The consciousness is worried generally with the present time and location. On the other hand, the sub conscious is liable for processing life events so that the past and future events can be brought into consciousness.

The astral is the flexible location that permits form to follow thought. Nonetheless, the astral body does not just follow the conscious thoughts but additionally the subconscious thoughts.


There are individuals who astral project even when they do not want to. It is ironic that whereas millions of people are seeking ways that can help them leave their bodies, however in vain; a few are seeking methods to reject the experience.

Avoiding astral projection is done by doing the direct reverse of exactly what you have actually been doing to astral project. Do not lie on your back. Spontaneous astral projection happens when you are lying on your back. Get used to sleeping on your stomach or side. Studies have actually revealed that it is simpler to astral project when sleeping instead of throughout long hours of sleep in the evening. Avoid taking naps and you should sleep through the night to prevent astral projection. If you are used to meditating prior to bed, change the time to stay clear of an undesirable astral projection. In some cases you could attempt to prevent the travel but fail. You can still do it at an enhanced stage where you are required to seperate from your body. By pulling your energy back in tight; you could avoid the splitting up of your astral and physical bodies.


In astral projection, the individual discovers himself in a world referred to as ‘another dimension’. These alternative planes are described as being parallel to the normal physical planes.

The environments could vary from synthetic to natural then to totally abstract, inhabited to unpopulated, in addition to from beatific to horrific. Projectors could project from a realm to another one and are most likely to obtain access to past or future visions in the process of projection. Space and time has been stated not to exist on astral planes. Some projectors theorize that individuals having dreams like walking through quick sand or even falling are astral projection.

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