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The concept of the astral plane refers to another dimension, an alternative realm of consciousness not connected to the physical body. Propagated by some of the earliest religions and other philosophers, the term astral projection involves your conscious to travel forth from your physical body to an alternative astral plane.

Do you realize how it would feel to fly away from your body and let your consciousness journey to different celestial planes, observing your own physical body and the world from a distance? It is because of this that mastering astral projection is something which is very popular amongst people with a little esoteric bent of mind or even otherwise.

In mastering astral projection, a really vital thing is affirming your subconscious mind that you will be able to do it. If you have any doubts that it will work then astral travel will be extremely difficult. It is vital you have complete faith in what you are doing and so what needs to be done is to make a note of everything you believe regarding the nature of reality and then make a note and reiterate to yourself all about the eternally free, omnipotent existence of your spiritual being which can travel to different astral planes.

The most important thing that you really need to start learning and improve is meditation. Projecting your astral self from your physical body requires you to have a high level of focus, imagination, good control of your subconscious mind and an ability to channel all of ones attention and energy which can only be evolved by meditating regularly.

It is important to note in trying to perfect astral travel, the time in which you intend inducing it. Astral projection is related to sleep, this is specifically REM and the lucid dream stages. When asleep you actually go through four stages with your sleep growing deeper in each one. After the fourth stage the cycle inverses until reaching the REM mode which is when you experience Rapid eye Movement and intense brain activity. This is the time when people dream a lot and is the perfect time astral projection.

Successfully comprehending astral projection involves developing the right ambience. Small assistance factors would be to wear cozy clothing, only eat vegetarian food prior to such exercises and refraining from items such as coffee or other stimulants. Arrange for somewhere which is calm and quiet. A softly lit or candle filled atmosphere where there are no electrical accessories to cause interference should be enough.

You should start with small meditational techniques to relax yourself and to take control of your mind. Let your body rest while amplifying the focus of your mind. Imagine yourself moving out of your physical body or even rising out of your body with the help of something in case you feel any resistance and following guide all your attention and energy on what you are visualizing.

An essential point to take note of in grasping astral travel is that when you are traveling away from your physical body, even if you for the trivial of moments start to feel a sudden fear regarding whether it is possible to return back to your body at all, then be assured that your astral travel will come to a sudden end then and there.

You must not be nervous or you will be unable to project. Even if you manage to travel to a higher level and then get worried in journeying too far away from the body then your astral body would automatically be pulled in into your physical body.

New technology like that named binaural beats can be used to help in creating the psychic state that is suitable to astral projection. Binaural Beats involve hearing two different sound vibrations through both ears at the same time which binds into one another and synchronized in the mind so as to establish the correct mental state.

Whichever of the methods is used, grasping astral projection is really quite difficult and needs a lot of practise.

However, once achieved, it is a feeling of a lifetime which forces many doors to open to your true inner self which you may not have known of before.

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