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Ordinarily occurring when a person is near death, an out of body experience takes place when a person has the sensation of floating outside his or her physical body. An out of body experience is fact, not fiction; they have been scientifically proven to occur. OBE is another term that is used to refer to this astral experience.

The concept of perceiving your own body from a realm or sphere that is outside of your body is what is known as astral projection, which is also an out of body experience.

An out of body experience is not an idea to be laughed at, because so many people who were apparently dying actually remember seeing their physical body lying in a room. They are even able to describe events that occurred in that room while they were ‘there’ seeing their body as if they were outside it.

The term out of body experience started to be used in 1943, instead of the term ‘projection.’ The out of the body experience used to be termed as ‘spirit walking,’ which is a more belief centric term. It is important to note that scientists are still doing research on out of body experiences because they don’t consider it something that is imaginary.

Approximately 10% of the population may have been through this type of experience at some point in their lives.

These are some very large numbers, so one should not look at the concept of an out of body experience with scorn, disdain or skepticism.

Not all out of the body experiences happen near death.

There are a number of OBEs that are spontaneous or are done on purpose. They can also be brought on by mental or physical trauma, drug use, or trance or coma state.

There are numerous sites on the internet that promise you astral projection and travel joys. Astral projection is rather easy if you learn the right way to do it. It has been said that astral projection is a natural process that has been used since ancient times.

Astral projection is supposedly a natural process that was used frequently by the ancients. It’s unfortunate, but many of their descendents have abandoned the art of astral projection. A large level of mental or spiritual power isn’t necessary for an out of body experience.

However, you should have the power to concentrate on one point — your conscious mind is holding you back, because it has the fear that once you project yourself out of your body, you would not able to come back. This is the subconscious fear which prevents astral travel and astral projection.

It is believed that the astral body leaves the physical one for a few little seconds.So as soon as one feels like being out of it, one should believe in that,if one believes that he can project his astral body outside his own body, this belief can take him further to the astral world.This is so because of the auto-suggestion of the mind to accept the term that he has already gained astral projection.

However, if you are even just the slightest bit afraid that you’ll end up in limbo because your astral body will be unable to return to your physical body, you’re better off not trying to experience astral projection.

If you are confident in your beliefs, then you must silence your mind with methods like self hypnosis and meditation so you can leave your body. Think positive thoughts about having an out of body experience and tell yourself that you will astral travel. Once your thoughts are in the right place, your mind will take over and be receptive to astral projection.

Lie down in a place where you are not going to be disturbed. Lay your arms to your sides. Let your aura harmonize itself with that of Mother Nature. Breathing deeply, start focusing on relaxing your physical body in such a way that it lets your astral body go forth to explore the dimensions outside your physical and mental knowledge and ken.

You will soon start to feel your body beginning to tingle. Allow this sensation. Anytime a conscious thought sneaks into your head, push it aside and focus on gentle, deep breathing.

Normally, an out of body experience is heralded by vibrations and a rapid pulse. Allow those vibrations to sweep over you. Avoid becoming excited; instead, you should remain calm and let the vibrations control you entirely, your body and soul. You will soon be leaving your physical body behind and embarking on an astral journey into another realm or dimension.

Many people getting an out of body experience have revealed the fact that they experienced some distant zone far away from their physical body.

According to them, their astral bodies were actually in some different sphere, and these people experienced things in that sphere while their astral bodies were there. If you’d like to experience the excitement of astral travel and you firmly believe you can do it, you can.

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