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Out of body experience is defined as something when the person undergoes with a sensation of floating outside his physical body. This phenomenon is a scientifically proven fact experienced as something near to death.

In addition to being called an out of body experience, the experience of perceiving your physical body from some location outside your body is called an astral projection.

An out of body experience is not an idea to be laughed at, because so many people who were apparently dying actually remember seeing their physical body lying in a room. They are even able to describe events that occurred in that room while they were ‘there’ seeing their body as if they were outside it.

The term came into existence in 1943,but before it was perceived as something belief-centric term called ‘Projection’.In earlier days some misinterpreted with ‘spirit walking’,but scientists judged it with experimental evidences as something which cannot be taken into imaginary world.

It has been estimated that around one in ten people will have an out of body experience at some time. With so many people having this experience and offering such a large amount of data for study, it becomes impossible to dismiss astral travel as an imaginary incident.

Some people experience this feeling of out of body at certain instances like due to sudden mental or physical trauma,inducing certain psychedelic drugs or even due to the entry into a world of trance or coma.

Many websites make promises about experiencing the joys of astral projection and astral travel.

It’s actually not difficult to do if you understand the right way to go about it. Supposedly an out of body experience is a natural process, and we know the ancients used them frequently.

Its an unfortunate fact that under the influence of modern technologies one has forgotten the presence of this theory.For achieving this into life,one doesnt need to be very much spiritual or mentally focused.

The basic need of out of body experience is to get into the concentration.The more one gets pulled back out of consciousness of not returning back to body,the more he gets diverted away from his attention of focusing,the more he gets distracted from astral projection.

If you believe it’s possible for your astral body to leave your physical body, you should already be on the path toward success.

However for those that have even the slightest bit of doubt it is recommended that they not attempt to do any sort of out of the body experience.

As and when one feels the perception of silence or peace,one can continue with the meditation therapy or self-hypnosis to get concentrated for the out of body experience.As one thinks positively that he will surely receive the state of astral world or constantly keeps on influencing him that he has almost reached it,the mind will take this reception as a successful way to astral travel.

Lie down in a place where you are not going to be disturbed. Lay your arms to your sides. Let your aura harmonize itself with that of Mother Nature. Breathing deeply, start focusing on relaxing your physical body in such a way that it lets your astral body go forth to explore the dimensions outside your physical and mental knowledge and ken.

You will soon start to feel your body beginning to tingle. Allow this sensation. Anytime a conscious thought sneaks into your head, push it aside and focus on gentle, deep breathing.

The first thing you will notice is that you feel vibrations and your heart rate will increase. This is the way that most out of the body experiences begin. Let the vibrations envelope you, let them take over your body and your soul. Very soon you are going to experience your astral body leaving the physical body.

For some people, their astral journey ended because a fear overcame them that their astral body was not going to be able to make it back because it was getting to far away.

According to them, their astral bodies were actually in some different sphere, and these people experienced things in that sphere while their astral bodies were there. If you’d like to experience the excitement of astral travel and you firmly believe you can do it, you can.

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