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An astral plane refers to another plane of existence, a different world of consciousness separated from that of the physical body. Propagated by ancient religions and additional esoteric philosophers, the term astral projection entails your consciousness travelling away from your physical body to an additional astral plane.

Today there are both esoteric followers as well as numerous other people, who are extremely interested in mastering projecting oneself into the higher subtle conscious realms. Though a bit weird, this is really an experience of a lifetime since it entails leaving your wordly body and viewing it from a distance.

Furthermore you are able to travel as far away as you prefer and look at the whole world from your astral body.

In becoming good at astral projection, the primary thing is asserting to your subconscious mind that you will definitely be able to do it. If your subconscious is unsure and you have even the slightest doubt, then astral travel will certainly be very challenging for you. Real faith obtains virtually anything and hence the best method is to take a note of a few of your views relating to life and reality then write down and restate to yourself about the infinitely free, omnipotent nature of your spirit self, which can easily travel to alternative astral planes.

The 3rd aspect of consideration in mastering astral projection refers to the time of the projection. For this part the concept of REM has to be described. After four phases of rest each deeper and slower than the others, the cycle of rest reverses. REM is short for Rapid Eye Movement stage when the mind is highly active and dreams are produced. It is this time period which is the most suitable for astral projection.

Now that you are psychologically prepared for astral travel, lie down in a dimly lit or candle lit space preferably in light garments. Bear in mind that no electrical equipment should be switched on to sidetrack you and abstain from having an excessive amount of food, particularly products like non-vegetarian or caffeine. Try to mimic the REM sleep mode, let your body rest, but keep your mind awake and concentrated. Begin with meditating and being aware of yourself and the energy flowing in you. Channel this energy into a vision of you floating up from your body or you can even imagine a cord and yourself climbing up by it.

An essential thing to keep in mind in attempting astral projection is that if one has even the slightest of worries referring to whether you’ll be able to return to the body then you will definitely not be able to leave anyway. Moreover, after you in fact leave your body and start to go forward bear in mind not to panic or be nervous while moving away even more since then you will be instantly sucked back into your body immediately.

You can make use of Binaural Beats in helping you to learn astral projection if you decide to use technical methods. This includes hearing different sound waves in each ear which synchronizes your own brainwaves, thus producing a mental condition that is highly conductive to astral projection. Whatever strategy you decide to utilize to get yourself ready before you start experiencing the voyage of astral travel, it’s a voyage of a life time and an experience to remember.

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