have an out of body experience

Many people will have wondered whether it is feasible to have an astral projection that can enable you to fly to a buddy’s and get them out of there as an astral body so that you can travel together on the astral plane. This is feasible and much easier if your friend too can astral project.

Once you have understood the best ways to astral project successfully, it is natural that you could want to share the happiness of a friend. It is just tough for you to seek a buddy’s company when the friend does not know the ways to astral project. Otherwise, you can quickly separate your astral body from the physical body and visit your friend to pick them up. If they are fully awake, they will not have the ability to see you but if they are asleep, their astral self could spot you. Since you can not call out their names or tap them on the shoulder to wake them up, you can push some astral energy to them. If this energy involves contact with their astral field, they will get the cue and will astral project onto the astral plane with you for a trip. However, since this is typically called a means of alerting an astral being of some approaching danger, you need to not be taken aback if your buddies misunderstand this as a threat alarm and wake up or securely ensconce themselves into their physical bodies. It is most effectively for your pal to understand that you are going to select them up beforehand to prevent these aggravations.

Once you feel the tingling feeling or hear high pitched wines in your head, throughout astral projection, know that your astral body is just about to leave the physical body. All you need to do is to stretch yourself up and out.

Whereas you could choose to follow your arms out, some people will do it in a different way by presenting as however on the flooring. Others seem to get out feet out initially. Whichever the means you like, it takes a lot of inner will to stretch yourself out of your body.

A client once testified that in his first experience, while he was attempting to stretch out, he felt a hand pull him out which is how his astral body detached from the physical body. For you there might be no hand to pull you out.

So, even when you feel as though you are walking through a thick fog with just an arm out, keep going. These experiences merely vary from person to person.


There are individuals who astral project even when they do not want to. It is ironic that whereas millions of individuals are seeking methods that could help them leave their bodies, but in vain; some are looking for means to shun the experience. Preventing astral projection is done by doing the direct reverse of exactly what you have been doing to astral project. Do not lie on your back. Spontaneous astral projection occurs when you are in that position. Get used to sleeping on your stomach or side. Studies have actually revealed that it is much easier to astral project when taking a nap as opposed to during long hours of sleep in the evening. Avoid taking naps and you should sleep throughout the night to avoid astral projection.

If you are used to meditating before bed, change the time to prevent an undesirable astral projection. In some cases you may try to avoid the travel but fail. You can still do it at an advanced phase where you are required to leave your body. By pulling your energy back in tight; you can prevent the separation of your astral and physical bodies.


Unless you experience bodies or beings that will trigger psychological harm to you or drain your energy, astral projection is really safe. Generally, people fear separating from the physical body due to the fact that the bodies they meet when this takes place are not so welcoming. If you could shield yourself and can keep your vibration as high as it should be, you will have a safe and protected experience. Also, as long as you are have great skills in psychic self protection and you can keep your worry and panic in check astral projection experience could never get harmful for you. You can call for aid from your angels as well as guides if you could not tolerate the astral bullies.

If you are not cautious enough, they will feed upon your energy. It is more like flying an airplane. While inside the airplane, as long as you have your tray table in the upright position, your safety belt on and you are aware of the treatments for security just in case the airplane crashes, the flight is safe. The idea of the aircraft brings us to the issue of air travels. Simply because you have actually as soon as dreamt about flying does not necessarily imply that you are astral projecting. However, if you at some point wake up on your bed, then astral project and go flying, then you can be certain that you are astral projecting. A random flying dream does not make you astral.

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