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An astral plane refers to an additional plane of existence, a different realm of consciousness divided from that of the physical body. Propagated by early religions and additional esoteric philosophers, the term astral projection entails your spirit self travelling forth from your physical body to another astral plane.

Many people today are devoting a great deal of effort in learning astral projection. This is due to the fact that the experience of leaving your earthly, physical body and watching it from a distance is an experience of a lifetime. Additionally, your subtle state of consciousness, your soul, or your astral existence, goes beyond the physical cosmos and moves freely to a higher plane moving away from the body to any place desired, seeing the world at a distance. For this reason, exceling in astral projection is a very desired activity amidst the esoteric believers.

To start with, in mastering astral projection, you need to have faith in yourself and really have faith that it is possible for you to divide your spirit self, astral self or consciousness from your physical body making it move freely to ethereal realms. The very best way to do this is to make a note of all your ideas on life and reality, after that jot down all the positive things that you would like to see occurring and assert your mind referring to the latter

Meditation is the second element which is crucial for exceling in astral projection. With meditation one achieves increased self interest with understanding about his real self and potential. It assists in soothing one’s mind, increasing understanding and control over one’s subconscious and helps in picturing and concentrating all of his energy and attention towards that vision which is very crucial in circumstances of exceling in astral projection.

The 3rd thing to note in becoming good at astral projection is the time that you are going to attempt it. Almost all astral projection that occurs is in relation with rest, specifically REM and lucid dreaming stages. When you sleep you experience four phases of sleep growing deeper in each one. After the fourth stage the cycle changes till it reaches the REM stage which is composed of Rapid eye Motion and intense brain activity.

This is the time when people have a lot of dreams and the best time to experience astral projection.

Fourthly, learning astral projection involves developing the ideal atmosphere. Arrange for somewhere which is calm and quiet. Just a dimly lit or candle lit atmosphere where there are no digital gadgets to meddle with your relaxation will be good enough. Start with some meditational methods to soothe yourself and get control of your mind. Let your body rest while increasing the focus of your mind. Have a vision of yourself moving from your body or even going up from your body with the support of something like a ladder, so that if you feel any type of resistance, you can concentrate all your attention and energy on this vision. Another thing is that you should wear comfortable clothes, eat only vegetarian food before such activities and abstinence from items such as alcohol or caffeine.

A crucial point to note in mastering astral projection is the fact that when you are traveling away from your body, also if you for the least of moments consider or feel an unexpected anxiousness relating to whether you can easily return back to your body at all, then ensure than you astral projection will come to an unexpected end then and there. You will certainly feel an unexpected pull from your body or experience an abrupt ‘drawing back’ or ‘waking up’ from your astral plane to truth.

You could even utilize modern technology in experiencing astral projection, utilizing Binaural Beats, which are different soundwaves played through each ear for brainwave synchronization. This develops the mental condition required for astral projection.

Becoming good at astral projection could be said to be the most gratifying way to really understand the total potential of yourself beyond the illusionary physical cosmos.

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