the further astral projection

Have you ever before considered floating out from your body then looked at yourself from outside? Chances are that you awakened just about then, thinking the dream to be strange. However it could even have actually been the beginning of an astral projection throughout your sleep in which you left your physical body and traveled to a higher astral plane or a different realm of awareness.

Today we find both esoteric believers as well as countless other people, who are really interested in learning about being able to project themselves into the greater subtle conscious worlds. Though a bit eerie, this is without question an experience of a life-time since it includes leaving your physical body and looking at it from a distance. Moreover you are able to travel as far away as you desire and view the whole world from your astral body.

Firstly, in mastering astral projection, you have to believe in yourself and truly have faith that it is possible for you to divide your aura, astral self or consciousness from your physical body making it move freely to ethereal worlds. The best means to do this is to jot down all your thoughts on life and reality, then jot down all the good things that you would like to see occurring and affirm your mind concerning the latter

Meditation is the 2nd element which is important for exceling in astral projection. Through meditation one accomplishes increased self understanding with understanding about his real self and capacity. It assists in calming one’s mind, increasing awareness and control over one’s subconscious and helps in imagining and focusing all of his energy and attention towards that vision which is remarkably necessary in instance of exceling in astral projection.

Mastering astral projection features the incredibly vital element of time. This is the time which is the most useful for exceling in astral projection.

Now that you are mentally set for astral travel, rest in a dimly lit or candle lit area ideally in light clothing. Bear in mind that no electrical equipment should be turned on to distract you and abstain from having an excessive amount of food, particularly products like non-vegetarian or caffeine. Try to mirror the REM rest mode, let your body rest, however keep your mind awake and concentrated. Start with meditating and recognizing yourself and the energy flowing in you. Channel this energy into a vision of you floating up from your body or you could also visualize a cord and yourself climbing up by it.

An important thing to remember in attempting astral projection is that if one has even the slightest of worries regarding whether you’ll have the ability to revisit the body then you will not have the ability to leave anyway. In addition, after you actually leave your body and progress forward keep in mind not to panic or be fearful while moving away much more because then you will be suddenly pulled back into your body once again.

You can easily utilize Binaural Beats in helping you to learn astral projection if you decide to look at technological methods.

This involves hearing different sound waves in each ear which synchronizes your own brainwaves, consequently creating a psychological condition that is very conductive to astral projection. Whatever procedure you decide to use to prepare yourself before embarking on the quest of astral travel, it’s a journey of a life time and an experience you will always remember.

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