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Reality is actually created by thought projection, which is consciousness, into the physical plane. A human does not consist of just a solitary body. Rather, there are 5 subtle bodies of energy. One of these bodies is the astral body.

It is this particular body that is closest to the physical body of an individual in vibration. It is additionally called the ‘desire body’ since it goes to the spot the individual unconsciously wants or wishes to go. The astral body will normally remove itself from the human constitution throughout sleep although it is feasible for this to take place when a person is mindful and awake completely. The connection of the astral body to the physical body is with a silver cord or an astral cord which is capable of stretching as far as the outer space. This describes the fact that whereas some individuals astral project to places as near as the ceiling, others decide to go to as far as other worlds all around the Cosmos. Some people could see the astral or silver cord throughout the exercise. Astral projection must not be feared since it occurs in most cases naturally. Conscious projection is tried out of interest occasionally. Otherwise, it could be necessary or because of some spiritual practice.

This means that it is done or takes place for the easy reasons to understand the future, to heal the sick, to contact the other astral beings, to grant the physical body the rest it requires in addition to to get details in the spirit world.

When you feel the tingling sensation or hear high pitched wines in your head, during astral projection, know that your astral body is practically to leave the physical body. All you need to do is to extend yourself up and out. Whereas you may opt to follow your arms out, some individuals will do it in a different way by presenting as though on the flooring. Others appear to get out feet out initially. Whichever the method you like, it takes a great deal of inner will to stretch yourself from your body. A client once affirmed that in his first experience, while he was trying to extend, he felt a hand pull him out and that is how his astral body removed from the physical body. For you there could be no hand to pull you out.

So, even when you feel as though you are walking through a thick fog with simply an arm out, keep going. These experiences just vary from person to person.

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Astral projecting with a pal is feasible however is not as easy as some individuals have mistaken it to be. Other species roaming in the astral plane can quickly distract both of you. As a result, you can easily fall into various vibration frequency fields implying that you will be on differing astral planes. Your astral bodies will have no choice except to part ways. Sometimes, the astral experience lasts for a duration as short as a couple of mins or simply seconds. Afterwards, the astral body gets extremely excited and returns to the physical body. There is a very slim possibility to meet your friend once more. The best technique is to ask your buddy to rendezvous with you someplace.

The only drawback is that the possibilities that you two will meet at the location at the exact same time are still really slim. This is worsened by the reality that there is no sense of time on the astral plane and that the majority of people lose the sense of time when they are asleep. If both of you are accomplished astral projectors or travelers, you can set an alarm and go astral immediately to meet up at the rendezvous point.


In astral projection, the person discovers himself in a world described as ‘another dimension’. These alternative planes are described as being parallel to the normal physical dimensions. The environments might range from synthetic to natural then to entirely abstract, inhabited to unpopulated, in addition to from beatific to gruesome. Projectors could project from a world to another and are likely to acquire access to past or future visions in the procedure of projection. Space and time has been said not to exist on astral levels. Some travelers theorize that individuals having dreams like walking through quick sand or even falling are astral projection.

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