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Have you ever considered moving out from your body then saw yourself from outside? The probability is that you woke up about then, thinking the dream to be peculiar. But it could in fact have been the beginning of an astral projection throughout your sleep in which you left your physical body and traveled to a higher astral level or a different realm of consciousness.

Lot of people today are devoting a lot of effort in mastering astral projection. This is because of the fact that the experience of leaving your own physical body and watching it from a distance is an experience of a life-time. Additionally, your subtle state of consciousness, your soul, or your spirit self, goes beyond the physical cosmos and moves easily to a greater plane moving away from the body to wherever wanted, seeing the earth at a distance. Hence, exceling in astral projection is a very desired activity amidst the esoteric believers.

The very first and foremost point when learning astral projection requires you to consistently practise reciting affirmations. Remember that in order to attain anything, you need to have faith that that it can be done. Get rid of worries and uneasiness from your mind and frequently affirm or advise your subconscious that it can be done, and you will successfully experience astral travelling. Make a note of your beliefs on the nature of reality if it aids you and keep in mind that faith can easily attain just about anything.

The 3rd thing to note in becoming good at astral projection is the time that you are going to induce it. Practically all astral projection that occurs is connected with rest, particularly REM and lucid dreaming phases. When you sleep you experience 4 stages of sleep expanding deeper in each one. After the fourth phase the cycle reverses till it reaches the REM stage which is composed of Rapid eye Movement and intense brain activity. This is the time when individuals have a lot of dreams and the best time to experience astral projection.

Now that you are psychologically prepared for astral travel, rest in a dimly lit or candle lit space preferably in light clothes. Bear in mind that no electrical equipment must be turned on to distract you and abstain from having excessive food, especially products like non-vegetarian or caffeine.

Attempt to mimic the REM sleep method, let your body rest, however keep your mind awake and concentrated. Begin with meditating and being aware of yourself and the energy flowing in you. Channel this energy into a vision of you moving up from your body or you could also imagine a ladder and yourself climbing up by it.

An important thing to remember in mastering astral projection is that if one has even the tiniest of uneasiness relating to whether you’ll have the ability to return to the body then you will certainly not be able to leave in the first place. Moreover, after you in fact leave your body and progress forward keep in mind not to panic or be fearful while moving away even more because then you will be quickly sucked back into your body very quickly.

Lastly, technical innovations like binaural beats can easily be made use of in generating the psychological state that is necessary for astral projection. Binaural beats involve hearing two different sound vibrations with both ears which fuses into each other and syncronizes with your own brainwaves so as to develop the necessary mental state. Whatever technique is made use of, mastering astral projection is not really easy and needs you to make use of your higher powers of mind. Nonetheless, once it is accomplished, it is an experience of a life time which forces open numerous doors to your character which you could not have known before.

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