out of body obe

Anytime an individual experiences the sensation of floating outside of their body, this is called an OBE or out of body experience. This is an experience that has been scientifically proven to occur and ordinarily happens when a person is very close to death.

This idea of presenting the body outside the body of ones origin is also termed as the astral projection alongwith the terminology of out of body experience.

This feeling cannot be described in general terms,as person experiencing such terms have explained the fact that they were lying dead in a room, they even had the knowledge what was going inside it or they faced near-death experiences in there.

The term ‘out of body experience’ began to be used in 1943, in place of the older ‘projection’ term that to some seems more centered on beliefs. Historically, the experience was called ‘spirit walking.’ Scientists are continuing their research into this phenomenon, because it simply cannot be discounted as being imaginary.

This is due to the fact that the statistics back up the claims that out of body experiences do take place. Consider that one out of every ten people have experienced an out of body experience at some point I their life.

At times, people spontaneously have an out of body experience. Sometimes an OBE is brought on by physical or mental trauma, using psychedelic drugs, or if the body has slipped into a state of coma or trance.

You may even be able to deliberately induce an out of body experience. You can find books and courses that claim to be able to teach you how to astral travel at will. It is thought that the Ancients had the natural ability for astral travel but this art has been lost throughout the generations.

Its an unfortunate fact that under the influence of modern technologies one has forgotten the presence of this theory.For achieving this into life,one doesnt need to be very much spiritual or mentally focused.

You should be able to focus your concentration on one specific point, but many times the conscious mind holds you back because of the fear that once you’ve projected your mind out of your physical body, you won’t be able to return. It is this subconscious fear that prevents astral projection and travel.

Ones astral body can get out of the physical body for a while.During that instant one gets to feel the experience,and one gets surity that he is experiencing it in reality because at this instant one auto-suggests himself that he has already faced the experience that he is facing now.This is a way to success.

But in this situation if one feels like his body is not going to come back to the same physical terms and normal form,then one should awarely leave further persuasion of the method.

If you have been able to completely silence your mind and truly believe it’s possible, then you’re likely ready to travel. In order to successfully go through an OBE, you will have to use both self hypnosis and meditation. Continue to the positively and keep telling yourself that you truly one to have a successful out of body experience. When your mind completely takes over, you will be incredibly receptive to the thought of astral travel.

Find a location where you won’t be disturbed, and lie down with your arms at your sides. Allow Mother Nature and your aura to harmonize. Breathe deeply and begin letting your physical body relax in a way that will allow your astral body to leave and go into spaces that are outside your physical and mental understanding.

Mentally encourage the tingling sensation you’ll feel in your body. Dismiss any conscious thoughts that come into your mind and continue breathing deeply and gently.

Out of body experience starts generally with vibrations and rapid heartbeat.One should calmly let phase to be continued,one should let the heart,mind and soul take over this vibrations.One would soon find himself going out of his own body,and getting into the out of body experience in a new astral world.

Many people that have gone through an out of body experience say it ended because they feared they were moving too far away from their physical body.

Others report they leave for unimaginable new spheres of existence and have experiences with such a level of clarity they cannot be mistaken for dreams or imaginings. You have the ability to astral travel as well. You can learn how to do it but the first step is in believing you can and that it is totally safe to do so.

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