astral project using binaural beats

Out of body experience is defined as something when the person undergoes with a sensation of floating outside his physical body. This phenomenon is a scientifically proven fact experienced as something near to death.

There is also a phenomenon known as astral projection and this is when your physical body is being observed by you from outside of your body, this is also an out of body experience.

This is such an experience which cannot be explained or answered in general terminology as people who faced such revealed the fact that they even saw themselves dead lying in a room.They also described the events and activities going on inside the room.

The term ‘out of body experience’ began to be used in 1943, in place of the older ‘projection’ term that to some seems more centered on beliefs. Historically, the experience was called ‘spirit walking.’ Scientists are continuing their research into this phenomenon, because it simply cannot be discounted as being imaginary.

About one person out of every 10 may have encountered such an experience sometime or the other in his life. The statistics for people who have experienced OBE are extremely large, so one cannot look at this experience with skepticism.

Sometimes, some people undergo an out of body experience spontaneously. On other occasions, this might be brought on due to mental and physical trauma, the use of psychedelic drugs or even when a body has slipped into a state of trance or coma.

Many websites make promises about experiencing the joys of astral projection and astral travel.

It’s actually not difficult to do if you understand the right way to go about it. Supposedly an out of body experience is a natural process, and we know the ancients used them frequently.

However, once taught the proper way to do it, people today can purposely have an out of body experience without the need of well trained mental powers or even advanced spiritual development.

However, you should have the power to concentrate on one point — your conscious mind is holding you back, because it has the fear that once you project yourself out of your body, you would not able to come back. This is the subconscious fear which prevents astral travel and astral projection.

It is believed that the astral body leaves the physical one for a few little seconds.So as soon as one feels like being out of it, one should believe in that,if one believes that he can project his astral body outside his own body, this belief can take him further to the astral world.This is so because of the auto-suggestion of the mind to accept the term that he has already gained astral projection.

But if in the same instant one gets the fear of not coming back from his astral world anymore or getting into his physical body from the outwardly projection,one should not perceive it any further.

As and when one feels the perception of silence or peace,one can continue with the meditation therapy or self-hypnosis to get concentrated for the out of body experience.As one thinks positively that he will surely receive the state of astral world or constantly keeps on influencing him that he has almost reached it,the mind will take this reception as a successful way to astral travel.

Find a place where you won’t be disturbed and lie down with your arms at your sides. Give yourself time to let your aura harmonize with the aura of Mother Nature. Begin to breath deeply and focus on relaxing your body in a way that will allow your astral body to venture forth to explore all the dimensions that are outside of your mental and physical knowledge.

You’ll begin to feel your body tingling; you should welcome this feeling. Despite this sensation, eradicate any thoughts that come to mind and continue focusing on breathing deeply and gently.

Typically, an OBE will begin with a rapid pulse and vibrations.

When you feel these vibrations, simply let them wash over you, staying calm. Instead of getting excited, just calmly allow the vibrations to assume control of your entire being. You’ll soon leave your physical body and take a thrilling astral journey into an unknown realm.

Many people getting an out of body experience have revealed the fact that they experienced some distant zone far away from their physical body.

According to them, the experience which they had was definitely not a dream, because they had been existing in some other realm or sphere and undergoing experiences there. So if you want to take part in this exciting new world of astral travel and believe that you can do it, you Can Do It.

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