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Astral Projection - Experience The Incredible Sensation Of Leaving Your Body - Instantly!

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What is Astral Projection? - a astral projection Imagine what it would feel like if you could really leave your body and fly to any destination in time and space of your choice- *Imagine visiting another planet, or experiencing other dimensions and even seeing into the future or visiting the past! And What If You Could Do All This For FREE! * The possibilities are endless- Where would you choose to go to?

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"What Is Astral Projection?"

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Astral Projection, often referred to as an out of body experience is when your consciousness or spirit leaves your physical body temporarily.

When you experience Astral Projection it actually feels just as real and vivid as normal reality. In fact it seems 'super-real' as your senses are heightened and you see things far more vividly than normal.

The traveller finds him- or herself in an apparently real world, or worlds, all different from each other and quite unlike anything ever experienced in our 'normal' reality.

Environments here may range from populated to unpopulated, artificial or natural in appearance, to completely abstract environments and from beautiful to bizarre.

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Here, normal physical laws often do not apply and humans can for example, float or fly or walk through walls.

Travellers as well as travelling from one realm to the other, may also visit the past or future or other dimensions.

When you experience Astral Projection, often people can see themselves still attached to their physical body by an energy connection which usually takes the appearance of a silver cord 'plugging' into the body like an umbilical cord.

The appearance of this cord shows you that you are totally safe, and are able to return to your body at any time.

Unlike a 'near death experience' when the person is suddenly surprised and alarmed at being out of their body, with Astral Projection, you are totally in control at all times and can therefore choose where to go and when to return.

"How Do You Experience Astral Projection?"

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The World's Most Powerful Astral Projection a astral projection Package!

"Experience The Incredible Sensation Of Leaving Your Body Whenever You Wish To, By Using This Awesome New Astral Projecting Kit!" 29 FREE Products! (9 Hours Of FREE Audio, 800+ pages)

There are many ways that people can experience Astral Projection and the reason why people are finding our kit so exciting is that it uses a unique combination of different cutting edge technologies which work independently and together to help you to achieve projection.

The first thing you need to do is to prepare your mind and body for Astral Projection.

To achieve this, the first part of the kit is designed to get you totally relaxed, and as you can see, these are given to you completely FREE:-

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Astral Projection Relax Primer Level 1 (10 Minutes Mp3 Audio)

Astral Projection Primer Level 2 (15 Mins Mp3 Audio)

Astral Projection Primer Level 3 (20 Mins Mp3 Audio)

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One of the important technologies we use for Astral Projection is the use of binaural beats.

Also called brainwave entrainment, this involves listening with headphones to special sound frequencies. These pure sine waves are slightly different in each ear which results in a synchronization of both of the brain's hemispheres or lobes.

Scientists have discovered, after extensive experimentation through the whole range of frequencies, that a certain combination of alpha and theta wave frequencies results in a complete consciousness shift favourable to projection.

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Using cutting edge technology we have now refined this process even further resulting in an extraordinarily fast transition from normal consciousness to the state required to achieve Astral Projection.

Some people have told us that by listening to our CD's they have achieved this state in 8-10 minutes, but the average time seems to be between 10-15 minutes.

Remember just a few years ago without this breakthrough technology, this would have been impossible to achieve unless you spent many years of meditation study.

The development of Binaural technology has made it possible for anyone to achieve astral projection just by listening to these special sound waves.

However, real success at Astral Projection does not happen by listening to only one audio. Over time it becomes unsustainable as your brain 'gets used' to hearing the same frequency pattern and gradually the effect becomes less and less. Having different recordings that all contain these special frequencies enhances your brains response.

You would usually pay $29.95 or more for each special binaural sound frequency.

But we give you 11 unique binaural recordings totally FREE!

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Astral Projection State -Frequencies (30 Mins Mp3 Audio)

Astral Projection Chant - Frequencies (30 Mins Mp3 Audio)

Astral Projection Chism - Frequencies (30 Mins Mp3 Audio)

Astral Projection Connector - Frequencies (30 Mins Mp3 Audio)

Astral Projection Dimension - Frequencies (30 Mins Mp3 Audio)

Astral Projection Drive - Frequencies (30 Mins Mp3 Audio)

Astral Projection Experience - Frequencies (30 Mins Mp3 Audio)

Astral Projection Region - Frequencies (30 Mins Mp3 Audio)

Astral Projection Rider - Frequencies (30 Mins Mp3 Audio)

Astral Projection Sea - Frequencies (30 Mins Mp3 Audio)

Astral Projection Storm - Frequencies (30 Mins Mp3 Audio)

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Advanced Astral Projection a astral projection Subliminal Affirmations Night Session (20 Minutes Mp3 Audio)

Advanced Astral Projection a astral projection Subliminal Affirmations Day Session (20 Minutes Mp3 Audio)

Advanced Astral Projection a astral projection Subliminal Affirmations Silent Session (20 Minutes Mp3 Audio)

Advanced Astral Projection a astral projection Subliminal Reverse Speech Session (20 Minutes Mp3 Audio)

Advanced Astral Projection a astral projection Subliminal Stereo Affirmations Session (20 Minutes Mp3 Audio)

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Now knowledge is power, so we also give you 8, Totally FREE Bonus eBooks containing everything you could ever need to know about Astral Projection!

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THE ASTRAL CITY- 126 page PDF eBook



JOURNEY'S OUT OF BODY - 105 page PDF eBook


THE OOBE - 177 page PDF eBook


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Finally The Guided Deep Hypnosis Sessions which will guide you through an Out of Body experience and reveal exactly what you will need to do to achieve Astral Projection a astral projection :-

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Deep Hypnosis Astral Projection Guided Session 1 (30 Minutes Mp3 Audio)

Deep Hypnosis Astral Projection Guided Session 2 (30 Minutes Mp3 Audio)

Deep Hypnosis Astral Projection Guided Session 3 (30 Minutes Mp3 Audio)

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"Whenever I want to I can just go and put on your CD and journey anywhere in time and space. I can't believe what I am experiencing, the things I have seen, the almost unbelievable things I have enjoyed. I am lost for words.." David Hearn, Sidney, Australia

Benefits of the Astral Projection include:

  • Elimination of the fear of death;
  • Knowledge and preview of life after death or before birth;
  • Increase in psychic abilities;
  • Remembering past lives and the period between lives;
  • Recall of planning and preparation for current life;
    Greater understanding of the purpose of life;
  • Enhanced meditation and consciousness expansion due to reduced physical restriction;
  • Ability to communicate with diseased loved ones and spiritual guides;
  • Greater sense of humanity and desire and ability to help others;
  • Valuing life more;
  • Leading a more purposeful, mature, ethical and humanitarian or assistantial life;
  • Fostering a gradual social renovation away from divisiveness and materialism;
  • Better preparation for inevitable physical death (less traumatic transition);
  • Finding missing persons, surveying distant physical locations (tourism, science, looking for a new house);
  • New methods of prevention, diagnosis, and remission of physical ailments;
  • Relief from restrictive physical conditions (prison, physical disability);
  • More restorative sleep

"Prepare Yourself On Seeing Things You Never Even Suspected Exist.."

Our awesome state of the art Astral Projection kit will
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It is thought that an individual's astral body is able to leave the physique for a brief time. If an individual truly thinks that he can project the astral body from the physical body, he is on his way to being successful how to obe. This is because he has currently recommended himself into enabling his conscious mind to entirely 'release'. Nevertheless, if there is even a tiny bit of worry that the astral body will get away from the physical body and leave him in a state of limbo, he needs to not attempt this type of experiment. If you've silenced your mind and really believe, you will need to utilize some meditation in addition to self hypnosis to successfully go through an out of body experience.

Believe positively, telling yourself that you genuinely want to complete an out of body experience or astral projection astral projection forum. Once you allow your mind to take control of, you will find that you're extremely receptive to the concept of astral travel. Find a place where you will not be interrupted and lie down with your arms at your sides. Offer yourself time to let your mood harmonize with the mood of Mother Nature. Begin to breath deeply and concentrate on unwinding your body in a way that will enable your astral body to endeavor forth to check out all the dimensions that are beyond your mental and physical knowledge. You will feel your body begin to tingle astral project methods. Do not aim to stop this feeling, but motivate it.

If any mindful thoughts appear in your mind, press them aside and focus on breathing carefully and deeply. First - Relax your whole body completely. The very best way to do this is to start with your toes and work your way upwards, tensing and then relaxing each part of your body. You'll become deeply relaxed as you do this and your body may feel exceptionally heavy this is completely typical. 2nd Focus on your breathing.

Take deep, sluggish breaths and focus on the sensation of the air filling your lungs out of body proof.

Exhale slowly, picturing your tension and tension leaving your body each time you exhale. Third Focus on the relaxed, heavy way your physique feels. It most likely seems like a heavy lump of clay or a piece of stone.

Now turn your focus to the way that your astral body feels weightless and able to float free of your physique astral projection techniques for beginners. Imagine your astral body drifting upwards from the bed. 4th Now you might have the experience of being able to see perfectly well in your dark space which should now be brightened by a purple light although your eyes are closed! Turn your attention to the light which is coming from your ceiling. Fifth Try to picture pulling this light to your astral body how can i astral project. You'll feel like you're floating; this is your astral body drifting above your physical body out of body travel methods. Simply look down and you'll be able to see your bed with your physical body at rest below. Now you are now astral projecting and your astral body is complimentary to start traveling the astral plane how to have an out of body experience.

If you aren't able to effectively astral project utilizing this method, you can try the following method. The accomplishment of astral projection truly is all about managing your mind so as to have the ability to relax it down and intensely focus and concentrate to separate it from your physical body for projecting it outwards into higher astral planes or higher levels of consciousness. In astral projection genuine living men and women of flesh are thus left listed below while you travel to greater ethereal worlds where you may meet spirits and souls to guide you. Astral Projection is the travel of your inner astral self leaving the physical body briefly for greater astral planes or levels of awareness astral projection how to. Astral projection methods to cause the needed mindset are hence threefold in nature Mental, where one controls his mind through meditation to achieve the task, mechanical, where innovation is used like acoustic waves and electro magnetic waves and lastly chemical, wherein drugs are used for attaining the intended frame of mind. Astral Projection travel is a from body experience where you travel in spirit and not in body.

It entails training your mind to leave your physical body and move forth to various levels of awareness and travel to any destination you desire observing yourself and the whole world from at a range. With an exceptionally spiritual effect astral projection travel is a journey like no other. Easy astral projection can be achieved by making mediation a part and parcel of your life and practicing envisioning and focusing frequently. Easy astral projection is accomplished by envisioning yourself floating out from your body and extremely concentrating on this vision. One may also visualize a ball of light and concentrate on seeing yourself slowly leaving your body to enter this ball.

Using of a prop, state a rope, can also help you imagine yourself leaving our body by climbing out of it for easy astral projection out of body experience how to. You go wherever you wish to go when you project. If you can recall your childhood you might be able to remember having the ability to do this after going to sleep, eventually you forgot, as you aged. There is no such thing as time and distance when it concerns astral projection, you can go anywhere. While you are resting, your physical body is asleep. Your astral body travels. The next concern is what the astral body is. It is the ethereal body. The astral body is the unnoticeable duplicate of the body. It houses all our desires and sensations.

Does the astral body leave and not return? A silver cord links the physical and astral bodies together. This connection exists from your birth until your death. The silver cord keeps your astral and physical bodies inextricably linked for your entire life. When you are trying to find astral projection strategies, check out the Rope Technique, the Gazing Method and the Anchor Technique too. Make sure that if one approach doesn't feel best for you that you find another one that does out of body stories.

This can be instrumental in getting you the kind of method that satisfies your requirements. Bear in mind that there are a variety of different ones out there, so find one that suits you. Keep in mind that not everybody can astral project immediately utilizing the strategies above which they all require practice obe research. When you are trying to find a quicker shorter method to obtain outcomes, remember that you should look at the audio devices that are readily available to you. There are some important tools that will utilize special sound frequencies to help you.

These frequencies are known as Binaural beats, which will bring the two hemispheres o your brain into synchronization and you will find that it sinks you right into the meditative state. You might also find that you can get some excellent use out of excellent astral projection techniques hypnosis recordings, and you will find that they can encourage your subconscious mind that it is actually okay to let your astral body out and to let it travel. The use of astral projection techniques has altered numerous lives and if you are interested, this is something that is entirely possible for you to do! Many have actually wondered whether it is possible to have an astral projection that can enable you fly to a friend's house and get them out of the house as an astral body so that you can travel together on the astral plane. This is possible and easier if your friend too is capable of astral projecting. When you have mastered ways to astral project effectively, it is natural that you may want to share the happiness of a pal.

It is only tough for you to seek a good friend's company when the buddy does not understand ways to astral project.

Otherwise, you can easily remove your astral body from the physique and visit your friend to choose them up astral projection documentary. If they are fully awake, they will not be able to see you but if they are asleep, their astral self can find you how do you do astral projection. Given that you can not call out their names or tap them on the shoulder to wake them up, you can push some astral energy to them.

If this energy pertains to contact with their astral field, they will get the hint and will astral project onto the astral plane with you for a tour. However, considering that this is frequently referred to as a method of signaling an astral being of some approaching risk, you need to not be surprised if your buddies misinterpret this as a risk alarm and awaken or firmly ensconce themselves into their physical bodies. It is best for your good friend to know that you are going to pick them up beforehand to avoid these troubles out of body training. Normally a from body experience begins with vibrations and a rapid heartbeat. Allow these vibrations to completely engulf you.

Make sure you continue to be calm.

Don't enable yourself to end up being over thrilled, but the vibrations take over your body, soul, and heart. Soon you find that you have left your physique and are beginning an exciting astral trip how to consciously astral project. Lots of people that have actually gone through an out of body experience say the OBE ended because they feared they were getting too far from their physique.

These people describe that their experiences were certainly not a dream and they remained in an entirely different world or sphere and undergoing experiences there. If you want to get in the amazing world of astral projection and astral travel, just keep in mind that as long as you believe it's possible you will be able to do it. There is a feeling a person experiences, one where they feel as though they are drifting beyond their body tips to astral project. This is exactly what is called a from body experience or OBE. This experience has actually been scientifically proven and happens most often when an individual is near death. There is likewise a phenomenon known as astral projection and this is when your physical body is being observed by you from beyond your body, this is also an out of body experience astral projection techniques free.

This is a genuine experience and one that ought to not be neglected. There have actually been lots of people that were on the brink of passing away that have actually returned to share their experiences, they have had the ability to inform other's in the room exactly what was going on even though clinically speaking the were non-responsive. Many people will have heard at some time in time in their lives the term astral projection astral projection documentary. It is possible they may have heard it there are a number of books, motion pictures and individuals who have studied or follow a brand-new age course. Nevertheless, there are only a little number of people that understand that astral projection is both genuine and something that anybody and everyone can do. In reality, many individuals have really experienced at least one astral projection in their lives and while some may understand this experience, lots of people are not. In order to identify if you have had an astral projection experience or to start learning how to astral project it is very important to understand what astral projection is. Simply put astral projection is when your spirit body leaves your physical body. This is something that happens naturally in the evening when you are asleep, but it is possible for you to do it knowingly and control the trip of your spirit body. Many children in fact astral project without knowing what they are doing. It happens typically when the body is relaxed or even when they are asleep.

Time and range do not imply anything when speaking about astral projection.

The astral body can travel without these factors to consider. For those that might not understand the numerous bodies aside from the physical. Astral projection is finished with the astral body. It is commonly referred to as the ethereal body due to the fact that of both its duplication of the physical body and its lack of compound.

It remains in essence an undetectable body. The in turn results in the concern of how is the astral body connected to the physique what is an obe. The response is it is connected with exactly what is typically referred to as the silver cord.

The silver cord is attached from the moment that the astral body and the physical body link out of body training. It only detaches at the minute of death when the astral and physique completely disconnect from each other. It is this cord that remembers the astral body to the physical body out of body quotes. It is essential to stay safe as you astral travel with or without the company of your buddies.

You do not have to be a naughty and creepy astral body who does not appreciate the living individuals's personal privacy how to consciously astral project.

You do not have to spy on them. Instead, be accountable, make your rounds and reassure your enjoyed ones in their sleep astral projection what is it. Make sure that you do not bring back an astral entity with you while going back to your body. You will not like other astral entities hovering around you when you are awake and conscious.

They will leech and suck off your energy considerably.

Likewise, allow your mind and body to rest and bring back the lost energy. So, do not be so enamored with astral projection and forget that sleep is a concept of a healthy living astral projection techniques free. Astral projection resembles a dream for some people. Although it looks like though the individual is dreaming, when they awaken throughout the travel or projection, they might see the astral body drifting in the air around the ceiling while the physical body is lying dead asleep on the bed learn astral projection free.

This begins with the astral body getting detached from the physique astral projection courses.

As this occurs, some individuals might hear a soft popping sound. This is an indicator that astral projection will be experienced astral projection techniques free. After that, the specific feels the astral wind how can i astral project. When you reach a point where you can still see the item despite the fact that your eyes are closed, then you have to deepen your current mindset even more.

This can be done by browsing the space while your eyes continue to be closed free astral projection techniques. Amongst other things, you may extremely well begin to see some light patterns and even a sort of purple haze inside the space. This is perfectly normal and there is no need for you to pay much focus on it obe research. Instead, once the light is not visible you can take that as an indication that you've entered a much deeper state. In all probability you will be so relaxed by this phase that you'll barely understand your physical body at all the art and practise of astral projection. It needs to be pointed out that according to the Monroe technique, this is extremely essential astral projection explained.

Also, this next step is likewise to important according to Monroe.

Here you will need to become part of what is called, "the state of vibration".

Remarkably enough, most individuals who practice astral projection claim to feel the vibrations at an early phase of the projection. In reality, most of these people believe that these vibrations happen just as your astral body begins to separate from your physical body. Once again, this is completely regular so there is no need to be alarmed when it occurs. You need to understand what astral projection truly is. Astral projection is the ability of a specific to leave his/her body. Everybody has the capability to do this; everyone does this when he or she set to sleep at night how to experience astral projection. While resting the physical mind is resting and the subconscious mind takes control. An individual astral tasks while this is happening. Nevertheless, the bulk might never remember astral projecting facts about astral projection. You go any place you want to go when you astral project.

If you can remember your youth you might be able to keep in mind having the ability to do this after falling asleep, eventually you forgot, as you got older. There is no such thing as time and distance when it concerns astral projection, you can go anywhere.

While you are sleeping, your physical body is asleep astral projection stories. Your astral body journeys astral projection for beginners. The next concern is exactly what the astral body is. It is the ethereal body. The astral body is the clear duplicate of the body. It houses all our desires and sensations.

Does the astral body leave and not return? A silver cord connects the physical and astral bodies together.

The silver cord initially links as the astral body enters the physical body. This is not exhausted till after death when the astral body leaves the physical body for the last time.

This silver cord prevents the astral body from not returning. You might question where you may go when you astral project.

The astral body goes to the astral plane. It is the clear double of the Earth learn to astral project. It has a much faster vibration than the physical Earth and its vibrations permeate to the center of the Earth. Some define it as another measurement of truth. Nevertheless, the majority agree that there are numerous levels of the astral plane.

The phenomenon where the spirit within a body can be separated from the physical body and can be caused travel to higher astral planes, is called astral traveling. Hence it is an approach of projecting the soul out of the body and sending it to high celestial planes and on the planet of awareness, where the environments can be observed from afar. Astral taking a trip is an older phenomenon out of body tips. The spiritual 'sanyasis' who lived in lonesome mountain caves and came from old and spiritually advanced cultures of India, Egypt and the like, were believed to go onto trances and go anywhere they wanted. Astral traveling may be experienced at a time of near death instances or at the time of lucid dreaming. For instance, survivors of roadway accidents or drowning have actually provided accounts of seeing their own mishaps ahead of time, as if seen in a film.

Astral taking a trip is typically experienced at the time of lucid dreams or Meditational trances. Lucid dreaming is the act of passing into the world of dreams with a concentrated and awake mind state. This is why, when a person is completely aware of his dreaming, he is said to be having lucid dreams, where he leaves his physique to travel into other consciousness layers. It is difficult to attain this task of astral traveling astral projection research.

Meditation has to be made an obligatory part of life if an individual wants to achieve the control of his subconscious state. It is also required to have a calm and tranquil poorly lit environment with no user interfaces of electronic devices. These must be organized ahead of time.

The person needs to not have any kind of food that raises body temperature and increases the no of thoughts in his mind. Furthermore, he must clear his mind from any non-assertive thoughts how to consciously astral project. The very first concern asked is 'how to astral project'? Here meditation is the most important of all, which should be practiced daily to attain control over your energy and the sub-conscious mindset due to the fact that you need to keep the mind awake and focused, when your body is asleep. The procedures of relaxation, concentration, energy channelizing and actual projection are the 4 ways to attain astral projection. Rest and focus on each part of the body, tightening up and loosening the parts at the same time astral projection test. This is how you can start the first step of relaxation. You need to unwind your body and permit yourself to fall in a hypnotic trance without falling asleep how to astral projection. You can meditate to keep yourself focused or you can focus wholly on something at the back of your head how to successfully astral project. Then you must be aware of the energy that flows into your body and concentrate on coming with that energy to your palms. Then think about yourself vacating your body. Concentrate on this vision and let you energy circulation into it.

In this method astral projection can be obtained. Questions about the actual travel after leaving the body is often asked in relation to astral taking a trip astral projection group. It ought to be born in mind that after astral projection people in t heir astral self wanders about like they would otherwise do physically. That is they try to move around in the paths they recognize with, like inside the space or a known area, but the target should not be walking your way about however to believe your method about. You should think of your location and you will reach it by self affirmations. In astral projection how do you see or how clear your vision is, is most likely the next most typical question.

The vision during astral projection is very clear, just like exactly what we experience in the real life.

Now, in greater astral planes the vision is much clearer than in the lower planes where the vision is dull and dark science behind astral projection. As soon as you reach a phase where you can still see the item although your eyes are closed, you then have to grow the state you're in. In order to do this, you ought to keep your eyes closed and begin browsing, keeping in mind of all things you can see astral projection questions answered. Throughout this phase it is not uncommon to see numerous light patterns and a purple glow out of body news.

However, one should not pay too much focus on this however instead, one need to remain focused till such time that the light disappears. When you no longer see the light you will have moved into a deeper state of relaxation. By this stage you body and mind is so relaxed that you will more than most likely not understand your physique. The next step, which according to Monroe is essential, needs that you get in a state of vibration.

According to the huge bulk of people who actively pursue astral projection techniques, these vibrations can usually be felt during the early stages of projection. It is commonly accepted that these vibrations are felt at the stage when the astral body begins separating from the physical body. While it is important for you to feel the vibrations, one ought to under no situations be alarmed. One from 10 individuals in the population has had an out-of-body experience at some point in their lives. Most of them have it when they are about to pass away and for this reason OBEs are typically part of the near-death experience. Those people who have actually been through OBEs assert that they have observed truths and details which were unidentified to them prior to the experience out of body experience how to. Those people who practice such out of body experiences sat that due to these their senses have actually been boosted, and they have the ability to see and feel things more clearly, and without any type of restraint. At times, OBEs are said to be preceded by and/or started from a state of lucid dreaming. But there have likewise been credit records of experiences which have actually been natural and unprompted. In numerous scenarios, individuals who asserted to have had an out of body experience were either asleep, or on the verge of being asleep.

But bulk of these individuals stated that the sleep was not extremely deep then, due to numerous elements like sound, tension, fatigue, etc. The concept of out of body experiences have been there since ancient times. It has been discussed in the ancient texts of Hindu and Chinese viewpoint and lots of others cultures. However, in recent times, the idea ended up being popular with the development of the New Age Movement.
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