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An out of body experience, also called an OBE, is a scientifically proven phenomenon where a person seems to be floating outside of his physical body. This experience is common in near death situations but it also occurs at other times.

The experience of being able to view your physical body from a place outside the body is known as both an astral projection and an out of body experience.

This feeling cannot be described in general terms,as person experiencing such terms have explained the fact that they were lying dead in a room, they even had the knowledge what was going inside it or they faced near-death experiences in there.

Astral travel used to be referred to as ‘spirit walking.’ It was in 1943 that the term out of body experience started being used to take away from the former more belief centered term. To this day scientists are still doing research on the phenomena, as they do not consider it to be a made up event.

About one in ten perceives to this out of body experience at certain instances of their life or the other.Those who have experienced such kind have revealed a vast imagination thing,so one cannot take this into a matter of queries.

Sometimes a person will undergo an OBE spontaneously and other times they are brought on by some kind of physical or mental trauma, if the body is in a coma or trance, or with the use of psychedelic drugs.

Plenty of internet sites show up places for astral projection,one can easily opt for them if one knows how skilledly to work on it.This is infact a very natural process supported by most ancient preachers.

The sad part is that many people have forgotten how to do it. The plus is that you do not need to have a high level of spirituality or spiritual power to have an out of body experience and you don’t have to have a high level of mental power either.

However, you should have the power to concentrate on one point — your conscious mind is holding you back, because it has the fear that once you project yourself out of your body, you would not able to come back. This is the subconscious fear which prevents astral travel and astral projection.

You must develop the belief that it is possible for your astral body to safely leave your physical body. You must also believe that both bodies will be safe during the separation and your astral body will always be able to return.

However, if there is just this brief bit of fear that one’s astral body is going to escape one’s physical body and he is going to end up in the state of limbo, one is better off not trying any sort of experimentation.

However, if you are able to silence your mind, and believe that your astral body will return to your physical body you can astral travel. Any purposeful (done on purpose)out of the body experience starts with a mediation or self hypnosis. You have to start thinking positively by telling yourself that you want to have an out of the body experience. When the mind takes over you are will notice that you are more open to the thought of astral travel.

Find a place where you can lie down and remain undisturbed. Your arms should be next to your sides. Allow your inner self to come into true harmony with nature. While breathing deeply and gently, concentrate on relaxing your physical body in a way that will permit your astral self to exit your physical body and enter a place that is outside your normal physical bounds and knowledge.

As your physical body relaxes your astral body will be able to move forward. You will notice a tingling sensation, allow this sensation. Make sure that you are pushing out any conscious thoughts you are having and just focus on your breathing.

Normally an out of body experience begins with vibrations and a rapid heartbeat. Allow these vibrations to completely engulf you. Make sure you remain calm. Don’t allow yourself to become over excited, but the vibrations take over your body, soul, and heart. Before long you find that you have left your physical body and are beginning an exciting astral journey.

Many people throughout the ages have learned how to have an out of body experience or astral travel. Some of them report the event is cut short due to their fear of leaving the side of their physical body.

According to them, the experience which they had was definitely not a dream, because they had been existing in some other realm or sphere and undergoing experiences there. So if you want to take part in this exciting new world of astral travel and believe that you can do it, you Can Do It.

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