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The feeling of floating outside of your body is what is known as an out of the body experience. Out of body experience also known as OBE is a scientifically proven phenomenon. This experience happens frequently for those that are near death.

The concept of feeling the body out of its original sphere is termed as an astral projection or even as the out of body experience.

An out of body experience is also called astral projection, especially when it is done intentionally. There have been numerous substantiated reports of people on death’s door leaving their bodies and looking down upon them while medical workers rushed about the room in an attempt to save their lives. After their lives are spared they are able to describe the activities in detail from a perspective in a location other than their physical body lying on a hospital bed.

The term out of body experience started to be used in 1943, instead of the term ‘projection.’ The out of the body experience used to be termed as ‘spirit walking,’ which is a more belief centric term.

It is important to note that scientists are still doing research on out of body experiences because they don’t consider it something that is imaginary.

Nearly one in every ten people have gone through an experience like this at one point in the lives. Because the number of individuals that have experienced an OBE, this cannot be looked at with skepticism.

An out of body experience can happen at various times. It could be brought on by psychedelic drugs or happen as a result of a deep trance. It may be the result of mental or emotional trauma. Physical trauma or coma may initiate an out of body experience. Sometimes it may happen spontaneously while other times it may be done intentionally.

There are numerous sites on the internet that promise you astral projection and travel joys. Astral projection is rather easy if you learn the right way to do it. It has been said that astral projection is a natural process that has been used since ancient times.

Many generations later, the descendants of those ancient people who were so adept at out of body experiences have now forgotten how to do it. Fortunately, astral projection does not require an extreme amount of spiritual or mental power.

This is not to say that you don’t need to concentrate while you are trying to astral travel. Keep in mind that your conscious mind because it has a fear that once you are out of your body that you will not be able to come back. This fear is what inhibits your ability to astral travel or astral project.

The belief is that one’s astral body can leave the physical body for a little while. If one believes in the idea that yes, he can project his astral body outside his physical body, he is already on his way to success. That is because he has auto suggested himself into allowing his conscious mind to ‘let go.’

If you do harbor fear that you will die if your astral body separates or that it will get stuck in limbo, then it is probably not a good idea to delve into astral projection until your fear of the out of body experience has been resolved.

However, if you are able to silence your mind, and believe that your astral body will return to your physical body you can astral travel. Any purposeful (done on purpose)out of the body experience starts with a mediation or self hypnosis. You have to start thinking positively by telling yourself that you want to have an out of the body experience. When the mind takes over you are will notice that you are more open to the thought of astral travel.

One should let the body lie down in a place where he can focus to his points more patiently,no worldly awarness arouses his further consciousness.Let the mother nature harmonize the aura of it with herself.One can start breathing deeply by focusing on the world outside his mental and physical knowledge.

You will notice a tingling feeling; encourage this sensation as it is the feeling of the astral body leaving the physical body. Try to push out any physical thoughts that are entering your mind, just concentrate and breathe.

Typically an out of the body experience begins with the feelings of vibrations and an increased heart rate. Stay calm and breathe, let the vibrations embrace you. Avoid getting excited, just let them take over your body, you are soon going to experience your astral body leaving your for an astral journey.

Trust that your astral body is going to make it back to your body. A number of people that have had out of the body experiences state that their journey ended because of the sudden fear that their astral body was getting to far away from their physical body.

According to them, the experience which they had was definitely not a dream, because they had been existing in some other realm or sphere and undergoing experiences there. So if you want to take part in this exciting new world of astral travel and believe that you can do it, you Can Do It.

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