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Our reality is generally created by thought projection, which is awareness, into the physical plane. A human does not consist of just a solitary body. Instead, there are 5 subtle bodies of energy. One of these bodies is the astral body.

It is this specific body that is closest to the physical body of an individual in vibration. It is also called the ‘wish body’ because it goes to the location the specific unconsciously wants or wishes to go. The astral body will typically separate itself from the human constitution throughout sleep even though it is possible for this to take place when a person is conscious and awake completely.

The joining of the astral body to the physical body is with a silver cord or an astral cord which is capable of extending as far as the outer space. This describes the fact that whereas some people astral project to places as near as the ceiling, others decide to go to as far as other worlds all around the Universe. Some individuals could see the astral or silver cord during the process. Astral projection must not be feared since it happens in most cases normally. Conscious projection is attempted from curiosity in some cases. Otherwise, it could be necessary or a result of some spiritual practice.

This implies that it is done or happens for the simple reasons to know the future, to recover the ill, to meet the various other astral beings, to grant the physical body the rest it requires as well as to get info in the spirit world.

When you feel the tingling sensation or hear high pitched wines in your head, during astral projection, know that your astral body is just about to leave the physical body. All you should do is to stretch yourself up and out. Whereas you could choose to follow your arms out, some people will do it differently by presenting as however on the floor. Others appear to obtain out feet out first. Whichever the way you like, it takes a great deal of inner will to extend yourself out of your body. A client once testified that in his first experience, while he was trying to stretch out, he felt a hand pull him out and that is how his astral body detached from the physical body. For you there could be no hand to pull you out.

So, even when you feel as though you are walking through mud with just an arm out, keep going. These experiences simply vary for each person.

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There are no side effects in astral projection if the projection comes by naturally since it is a natural phenomenon. Nevertheless, there could be problems if this astral projection is induced specifically if the individual is not ready totally for the travel. If this takes place, the person will meet lesser or negative astral beings. He could end up in a vortex known as the Phantasmagoric Plane. Here, the highly unfavorable entities will attempt to get his astral body by force and be adamant to let him get away. This is similar to going inside a black hole where there is no escape. This suggests that the individual will not awaken at all. Astral projection is benign and safe since this abnormality is really uncommon.

Also, it is discouraged to attempt inducing astral projection in a haunted location or a spot with lower adverse entities because there can be spirit possession while the astral body is away. An additional entity might benefit and manage the sleeping physical body. Causing an astral projection needs to be attempted in a positive and safe environment therefore.

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Some individuals begin astral projecting at 15 or even younger. At this phase, they astral project more often for instance about four times a week when they have actually understood the art absolutely.

It reaches a time when a person can often get tired for one reason or another and hence the frequency of astral projection decreases. Some people will get tired of being attacked by the negative and low energy astral entities. Normally, throughout university years, many individuals will additionally engage in astral travel less frequently than they did at high school since they have the tendency to begin focusing on matters of the real world more.

Then later in life, the regularity reduces due to aging. The older you are the slimmer your chances are that you will successfully astral project. The most probable reason for this could possibly be the simple fact that at a later age, there is so much to think of and attend to other than astral projecting. A teenager does not have any children to bother about. The young adult neither thinks about finances and health like the parents would do. Additionally, the opportunities of a teenager who is simply starting to astral project to be successful are higher than those of a 40 year old additionally starting. This reveals that more youthful people seem to discover astral projection quicker and have a much better control over it than the older members of the culture.

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