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Astral Projection - Experience The Incredible Sensation Of Leaving Your Body - Instantly!

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What is Astral Projection? - a astral projection Imagine what it would feel like if you could really leave your body and fly to any destination in time and space of your choice- *Imagine visiting another planet, or experiencing other dimensions and even seeing into the future or visiting the past! And What If You Could Do All This For FREE! * The possibilities are endless- Where would you choose to go to?

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"What Is Astral Projection?"

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Astral Projection, often referred to as an out of body experience is when your consciousness or spirit leaves your physical body temporarily.

When you experience Astral Projection it actually feels just as real and vivid as normal reality. In fact it seems 'super-real' as your senses are heightened and you see things far more vividly than normal.

The traveller finds him- or herself in an apparently real world, or worlds, all different from each other and quite unlike anything ever experienced in our 'normal' reality.

Environments here may range from populated to unpopulated, artificial or natural in appearance, to completely abstract environments and from beautiful to bizarre.

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Here, normal physical laws often do not apply and humans can for example, float or fly or walk through walls.

Travellers as well as travelling from one realm to the other, may also visit the past or future or other dimensions.

When you experience Astral Projection, often people can see themselves still attached to their physical body by an energy connection which usually takes the appearance of a silver cord 'plugging' into the body like an umbilical cord.

The appearance of this cord shows you that you are totally safe, and are able to return to your body at any time.

Unlike a 'near death experience' when the person is suddenly surprised and alarmed at being out of their body, with Astral Projection, you are totally in control at all times and can therefore choose where to go and when to return.

"How Do You Experience Astral Projection?"

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The World's Most Powerful Astral Projection a astral projection Package!

"Experience The Incredible Sensation Of Leaving Your Body Whenever You Wish To, By Using This Awesome New Astral Projecting Kit!" 29 FREE Products! (9 Hours Of FREE Audio, 800+ pages)

There are many ways that people can experience Astral Projection and the reason why people are finding our kit so exciting is that it uses a unique combination of different cutting edge technologies which work independently and together to help you to achieve projection.

The first thing you need to do is to prepare your mind and body for Astral Projection.

To achieve this, the first part of the kit is designed to get you totally relaxed, and as you can see, these are given to you completely FREE:-

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Astral Projection Relax Primer Level 1 (10 Minutes Mp3 Audio)

Astral Projection Primer Level 2 (15 Mins Mp3 Audio)

Astral Projection Primer Level 3 (20 Mins Mp3 Audio)

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One of the important technologies we use for Astral Projection is the use of binaural beats.

Also called brainwave entrainment, this involves listening with headphones to special sound frequencies. These pure sine waves are slightly different in each ear which results in a synchronization of both of the brain's hemispheres or lobes.

Scientists have discovered, after extensive experimentation through the whole range of frequencies, that a certain combination of alpha and theta wave frequencies results in a complete consciousness shift favourable to projection.

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Using cutting edge technology we have now refined this process even further resulting in an extraordinarily fast transition from normal consciousness to the state required to achieve Astral Projection.

Some people have told us that by listening to our CD's they have achieved this state in 8-10 minutes, but the average time seems to be between 10-15 minutes.

Remember just a few years ago without this breakthrough technology, this would have been impossible to achieve unless you spent many years of meditation study.

The development of Binaural technology has made it possible for anyone to achieve astral projection just by listening to these special sound waves.

However, real success at Astral Projection does not happen by listening to only one audio. Over time it becomes unsustainable as your brain 'gets used' to hearing the same frequency pattern and gradually the effect becomes less and less. Having different recordings that all contain these special frequencies enhances your brains response.

You would usually pay $29.95 or more for each special binaural sound frequency.

But we give you 11 unique binaural recordings totally FREE!

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Astral Projection State -Frequencies (30 Mins Mp3 Audio)

Astral Projection Chant - Frequencies (30 Mins Mp3 Audio)

Astral Projection Chism - Frequencies (30 Mins Mp3 Audio)

Astral Projection Connector - Frequencies (30 Mins Mp3 Audio)

Astral Projection Dimension - Frequencies (30 Mins Mp3 Audio)

Astral Projection Drive - Frequencies (30 Mins Mp3 Audio)

Astral Projection Experience - Frequencies (30 Mins Mp3 Audio)

Astral Projection Region - Frequencies (30 Mins Mp3 Audio)

Astral Projection Rider - Frequencies (30 Mins Mp3 Audio)

Astral Projection Sea - Frequencies (30 Mins Mp3 Audio)

Astral Projection Storm - Frequencies (30 Mins Mp3 Audio)

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Advanced Astral Projection a astral projection Subliminal Affirmations Night Session (20 Minutes Mp3 Audio)

Advanced Astral Projection a astral projection Subliminal Affirmations Day Session (20 Minutes Mp3 Audio)

Advanced Astral Projection a astral projection Subliminal Affirmations Silent Session (20 Minutes Mp3 Audio)

Advanced Astral Projection a astral projection Subliminal Reverse Speech Session (20 Minutes Mp3 Audio)

Advanced Astral Projection a astral projection Subliminal Stereo Affirmations Session (20 Minutes Mp3 Audio)

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Now knowledge is power, so we also give you 8, Totally FREE Bonus eBooks containing everything you could ever need to know about Astral Projection!

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THE ASTRAL CITY- 126 page PDF eBook



JOURNEY'S OUT OF BODY - 105 page PDF eBook


THE OOBE - 177 page PDF eBook


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Finally The Guided Deep Hypnosis Sessions which will guide you through an Out of Body experience and reveal exactly what you will need to do to achieve Astral Projection a astral projection :-

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Deep Hypnosis Astral Projection Guided Session 1 (30 Minutes Mp3 Audio)

Deep Hypnosis Astral Projection Guided Session 2 (30 Minutes Mp3 Audio)

Deep Hypnosis Astral Projection Guided Session 3 (30 Minutes Mp3 Audio)

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"Whenever I want to I can just go and put on your CD and journey anywhere in time and space. I can't believe what I am experiencing, the things I have seen, the almost unbelievable things I have enjoyed. I am lost for words.." David Hearn, Sidney, Australia

Benefits of the Astral Projection include:

  • Elimination of the fear of death;
  • Knowledge and preview of life after death or before birth;
  • Increase in psychic abilities;
  • Remembering past lives and the period between lives;
  • Recall of planning and preparation for current life;
    Greater understanding of the purpose of life;
  • Enhanced meditation and consciousness expansion due to reduced physical restriction;
  • Ability to communicate with diseased loved ones and spiritual guides;
  • Greater sense of humanity and desire and ability to help others;
  • Valuing life more;
  • Leading a more purposeful, mature, ethical and humanitarian or assistantial life;
  • Fostering a gradual social renovation away from divisiveness and materialism;
  • Better preparation for inevitable physical death (less traumatic transition);
  • Finding missing persons, surveying distant physical locations (tourism, science, looking for a new house);
  • New methods of prevention, diagnosis, and remission of physical ailments;
  • Relief from restrictive physical conditions (prison, physical disability);
  • More restorative sleep

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Astral forms can really mimic the character of a ghost out of body meditation. They can getting the belongings power throughout projection and fly through spiritual as well as mental measurements soul out of body. In case there are high level users, they have the ability to communicate with the physical environment using unnoticeable astral forms floating out of body experience.

Just the people with spiritual or mental powers are capable of seeing or sensing them. In order to influence their immediate surroundings, a few of individuals can make their astral types corporal.

In advanced cases of astral projection, the users do whisper into their target's ears making them (targets) think that the whispers are their own ideas astral projection visualization. This leads to a kind of psychic persuasion. There are numerous places in the internet where one can find the satisfaction of astral travel and projection obe meditation.This projection is extremely easy as one gets to know of its rules and policies in the right way.This is supposed as the natural process used long back by the ancient preachers.

However, you can find out astral projection from a teacher or through a book or audio course. It refers learning the correct strategy and does not depend upon mental powers or spiritual development out of body vibrations. You need to have the ability to focus your concentration on one particular point, however often times the aware mind holds you back because of the fear that once you've projected your mind out of your physique, you will not have the ability to return. It is this subconscious fear that prevents astral projection and travel. Astral projection is similarly specified as an out of body experience where there is perceivance of reaching near to death. This can be attained either by deep concentration or through lucidity.It is sometimes reffered to as a drifting feeling outside his/her own body. Gradually and steadily one is going to find out a tingle in his body.

Astral projection can likewise be achieved by the help of lucid dream or lucid sleep. This can be also achived by correct and deep meditation and incomprehensible dream recall.

Normally WILD or wake initiated lucid dream is associated with a better astral projection where the pursuer maintains awareness out of body dreams. Astral projection typically starts with vibrations and rapid heart beat. Let these vibrations engulf him. For this he needs to stay calm. Do not overcome excited; let them take over his heart body and soul. He is soon going to find himself leaving his physique behind and setting onto his out of body experience in his exciting astral journey astral projection guided meditation. Above all one needs think on own out of body flying. So if anyone wants to participate in this interesting new world of astral travel and believe that he can do it, he Can Do It astral projection guided meditation.

Examples of out of body travel is also tape-recorded by the ancient Greeks.

They merely expanded on the state induced by meditation according to the ancient Egyptians. They also recorded from body experiences that were triggered by numerous kinds of mental or physical injury. Plutarch of Queroneia an ancient historian mentions a person named Arisdeu after struggling with a blunt head injury, which happened by falling and who then slipped into a three day coma. At this time, Arisdeu tells of the ability to see his physique laying on the ground yet he was free to move around without it. In astral type he tells of his ability of out of body travel to go to locations that were not possible. He was met by his spirit guide while in astral kind.

His spirit guide helped and encouraged him worrying astral travel in other existing astral planes. Although, he was eventually pulled back into his physique, while in his altered state he did discover and check out. When returning to his physical body, he did invest the rest of his life using the knowledge he discovered throughout the time of his from body experience. Keeping the mind concentrated on leaving the body will help the individual detach himself from the physical body, thus astral projection out of body lucid dream.

Those who care about afterlife anticipate to see deceased spirits, angels and gods astral project with binaural beats. So that is exactly what they see. They may project to numerous astral airplanes; the layers of ethereal truths that are formed by energy and light too. The only resemblance is that in out of body experiences, astral projection and lucid dreams, the ideas guide an individual's experience obe guided meditation. Therefore, there is a probability that they will zap into a good friend's home if they imagine so. They will get back to their bodies rapidly if they picture their bodies have actually gone back to bed astral projection frequency. If they anticipate to see their bodies and an astral cord connecting, then this will happen induce astral projection.

No surprise some projectors do see the silver cord whereas others do not.

Throughout 1943 the term started to be used widely instead of the term 'projection' that was a more belief centric term induce astral projection. In the olden days, a from body experience was called 'spirit walking'.

Researchers are actively studying this phenomenon since they are unable to consider that it's an imaginary experience. About 1 out of every 10 people will at some time in their lives, experience this kind of experience. The stats are huge concerning the variety of individuals that have actually experienced a from body experience, so this is something that shouldn't be seen with uncertainty vibrational stage astral projection. In some cases a person will undergo an OBE spontaneously and other times they are caused by some kind of physical or mental trauma, if the body is in a coma or trance, or with making use of psychedelic drugs meditation out of body experience. You will encounter numerous locations online that promise you the delights of astral projection and travel.

Truly, it's simple to do if you know ways to tackle it the proper way. Astral projection is stated to be a totally natural process that was utilized regularly be the ancients. Sadly, many of their descendents have actually forgotten everything about the lost art of astral projection. You might discover it difficult to think, however a high level of spiritual or mental power is not needed in order to successfully have an out of body experience.

Nevertheless, you do have to have the ability to completely focus on just one point out of body vibrational state. If the mindful mind holds you back since it fears that if you project yourself from your body, you won't have the ability to come back. It is this subconscious fear that will prevent you from experiencing astral travel and projection. It simply can not be stressed enough that total relaxation is vital if you are to accomplish any measure of success with astral projection.

The inability to unwind appears to be more widespread in between those just starting out, largely because of fear inducing obe.

For the a lot of part, this fear originates from the mistaken belief that a person can be hurt, and even pass away, due to the fact that of the real projection. Remarkably enough, the Canterbury institute which is renowned for their occult studies, conducted particular research study in order to get rid of these fears astral project induce. With 2,000 participants, all whom took part in astral projection, the Canterbury institute determined that not even a single person suffered any harm. In addition, all participants were then kept an eye on for a period of 3 years and during this time none of them stepped forward with any problems or credit reports of problems. Psychics say typically that dreaming is started by the subconscious mind which has the spirit, or astral body. This is what causes falling dreams or triggers somebody to awaken either with a jerk or a falling feeling.

Most of these dreams are never ever remembered by the mindful mind; hence, the astral projection experience is subjective and the nature has allowed descriptions which do not depend upon the presence of astral airplanes and bodies.

However, there is some anecdotal evidence of individuals leaving their body in astral travel out of body death experience.

Those with the experience of projection have actually pointed out that the majority of the sightings of ghosts define the ghosts often as transparent or lucid apparitions walking in the world. It is not yet clear whether a spirit makes use of incarnation literally into a physique to have astral forecasts. Astral taking a trip as a phenomenon occurs throughout a near death experience or during lucid reaming.

In case of near death experiences such as roadway accidents or cases of drowning, lots of survivors provide accounts of how they saw their own mishap from a distance, as if in a movie. Astral taking a trip throughout lucid dream or Meditational practices are likewise common.

Lucid dreaming in simple terms refers to the art of passing to the worlds of dreams with a conscious and wakeful mind. Thus, when a person knows that he is dreaming, he is said to be in the state of lucidity and here he may experience leaving his own body and traveling to other layers of consciousness. Astral traveling is a hard task to achieve. A person needs to make meditation a part and parcel of his life in order to gain more control over his sub conscious mind.

Required provisions are also essential like arranging for a calm and serene poorly lit room without electronic equipment disturbance. Furthermore abstain from having food that create heat and enhance the no out of body dreams.

of thoughts and clear your mind from all negative thoughts soul out of body. Astral traveling can be accomplished by attaining a deep hypnotic trance like state through standard Meditational practices. An astral projection is defined as the sensation of getting out of your very own body or from the soul.

This feeling typically perceives when one reaches the location of near-to death. The principle of viewing one's physical body outside the body's own sphere appears astral projection or from body experience. Gradually and progressively you are going to feel your body begin to tingle; encourage this feeling. If mindful ideas keep popping up in your mind, brush them away and keep concentrating on breathing deeply and gently. The major issue is there are lots of number of people who did not have their experience in a prolonged method up. They had an astral projection which ended because of the fear of getting far from their physical body. Hence the conclusion to this standard is definitely to feel it. It is not something what we call dream but the various world or sphere and undergoing experiences there are the only things delegated it. So if you wish to take part in this amazing brand-new world of astral travel and think that you can do it, you Can Do It. About one in 10 perceives to this from body experience at specific instances of their life or the other. Those who have actually experienced such kind have revealed a huge creativity thing, so one can not take this into a matter of questions. These physical phenomena can not be put under the theory of scepticism. So couple of guidelines and policies are needed to be followed during the duration; for pursuing astral projection astral project dream. The third stage which comprise of the soul separating from the physical body is the most vital in this type of practice.

This task to separate is strongly resisted by our body in the way that even a percentage of doubt or fear relating to the after results can bring the soul back to the body and the individual might go back to consciousness with a jerk.

The solutions to such suction and so that the soul can successfully vacate body are by entirely unwinding ones mind and keeping definitely calm in such a phase. In the later stages where the soul has currently vacated the body the forces that aim to revive the soul into the body starts losing power and eventually becomes non-existent. The mind in addition to soul then ends up being to move about and picture the world with the eyes of the inner self. The from body experience thus enlightens the specific to higher levels of awareness and he can view the whole world with a different viewpoint. The last phase of this amazing trip is the go back to ones own body astral projection frequency.

But it may happen that an individual's soul might all of a sudden pull back into his/her body if he maintains some amount of anxiety regarding the pros and cons of the from body experience. However without such fears the return tends to be smooth and after the soul comes back to where it belongs he or she wakes up form a dazed sort of a sensation and the individual feels as if everything he experiences was a dream. From body experiences are demanded by individuals for lots of factors. There are people who want understanding or power in the area of spirituality.

Then, there are those who want to assist others binaural beats out of body.

Some are just curious about the whole idea, while others just look for home entertainment. Oftentimes, individuals want to cause damage to others, and thus try to find out of body experiences.

However, the most common factor is that of the quest for fact or a greater level of consciousness guided meditation astral projection.

From body experiences are not extremely simple to perform. In order to do these, we require the help of mediums, or specialists. It is not sure whether these are hazardous, but it has been seen that often, such experiences can cause psychological, spiritual, mental or perhaps physical damage. Therefore it is not advised to do these alone.

Some people state that the Bible has actually validated the idea of out of body experiences. They have pointed out lots of bibles which apparently have actually stated so using binaural beats for astral projection. Nevertheless, some others have actually said that in the Bible, such experiences have been considered as occult practices, and the most significant evidence for this is that it is written in the Bible that God's individuals did not 'perform' them astral projection frequency. Individuals did not need to look for such experiences for their advancement, or gain; or to get knowledge about the world, and God meditation to astral project. Out-of-body experiences are also understood to occur as the result of taking psychedelic drugs or those drugs understood to provide a dissociative effect. Yet, there are also a fantastic lots of methods had to cause an out-of-body experience. A typical example of this would be the use of visualization while in a highly unwinded and meditative state.

Many studies have actually revealed that there can be similar experiences to out-of-body experience that can be caused through the direct stimulation of the brain. Among the most typical forms of all out-of-body experiences is the procedure of astral projection.

During astral projection, a human being establishes the capability to leave the body and go to other physical places along with the world of astral planes and even greater planes of existence. On the planet of renaissance Neoplatonist and Rosicrucian viewpoint, in addition to ratings of other philosophical idea procedures, it is stated that an astral body in body developed by light and will link the idea of the "rational soul" and the physique through an intermediate. Within these theories it is specified that an astral plane is a world and world designed by the same light and exist in an area in between heaven and earth astral project with binaural beats.

The structure of this realm will be originated from spheres of stars and exist in the middle of a house of angels, devils, and spirits. According to the beliefs of the ancient Egyptians, the human soul possesses the capability to hover or float in a world outside the body in what is commonly described the "Ka" which is also referred to as the subtle body out of body flying. (Another name of this is the astral body) In most belief systems in astral projection, the astral body holds a connection with a silver cord of psychic energy to the physique. An OBE usually starts with a rapid heartbeat and vibrations.

Allow these vibrations to entirely engulf you. Don't enable yourself to obtain excessively thrilled. Focus on remaining calm soul out of body. Enable the experiences to completely take control of your body, soul, and heart. You will soon find that your astral body is leaving your physique and you are beginning an interesting astral journey astral plane. Many individuals that have actually gone through a from body experience say it ended because they feared they were moving too far from their physique. They report that the experience was not a dream since they were existing in another sphere or world and going through experiences there. If you wish to experience the excitement of astral travel and really believe that its possible, then you CAN do it. Anytime a specific experiences the feeling of drifting outside of their body, this is called an OBE or from body experience. This is an experience that has been scientifically proven to occur and ordinarily takes place when a person is extremely near death. The experience of having the ability to view your physical body from a location outside the body is referred to as both an astral projection and an out of body experience. This is an idea that certainly shouldn't be belittled. There are numerous individuals that were believed to be at death's door that have actually made it back with vibrant memories of seeing their physique lying lifelessly in a space astral projection visualization. They can likewise provide an uncommonly in-depth description of the activities that were going on in the space. Other popular methods consist of methods such as the gazing technique, the anchor technique, and the rope method.

Ideally, one ought to spend a long time try out the various methods in order to establish which technique suits you the most. Irrespective which strategy or methods you choose to utilize, you need to remember that it's not constantly possible to astral project quickly.

Just like many other things in life, he does take practice. For those who don't always have the high-end of time, modern noise technology has actually offered us with a rather excellent faster way vibrational stage astral projection.

This shortcut makes use of different sound frequencies referred to as binaural beats, in order to induce a meditative state of mind which is ideal for those wishing to practice astral projection meditation out of body. Essentially, when these beats are played into each ear, it leads to the 2 hemispheres of the brain ending up being integrated, and a meditative state follows nearly instantly. One can also go with hypnosis recordings which have actually been created to aid those interested in astral projection out of body visualization. These goal to assure ones subconscious mind that it's completely appropriate for one to leave ones physical body. It simply can not be denied that astral defense is a life altering experience, and this is something which any individual will vouch for when they have experienced it. Fortunately, it is something any individual can do, specifically if you use among the numerous strategies readily available. Typically, the bulk have actually heard the term as astral projection. Maybe they heard it from a movie, book or an enlightened partner.

Nevertheless, few people comprehend that astral projection is a very real occasion. It is something that anyone can do. More than most likely you have actually astral projected and never even recognized it. The ideas about the advantages and disadvantages of an accomplishment like astral projection during practicing it will ultimately not let the inner self to succeed in the task of separating.

Moreover the fear of not returning to the physical kind as soon as projected or the extreme attraction that the inner self will deal with as soon as separated can spell doom for the practice and the person will eventually awake with a jerk. Really the mind can get rid of all these fears by having intense conviction and belief and thus will help in successfully projecting ones inner self to greater astral planes. In today's world innovation assists us to produce that phase of mind wherein we can successfully do astral projection astral projection hypnosis mp3.

This is done by Binaural beats which are 2 various beats that stream into the mind through each of the ears and develop that mindset where we are calm and unwinded and focused for astral projection. In a nutshell astral projection in order to be effectively done needs intense faith and belief and the calmness of our mind. Our soul or the astral body within defines exactly what we are in fact and the genuine purpose of our life in real sense of the term induce astral projection. The inner self needs us to realize its presence and perceive that our normal everyday schedule does not finish us out of body lucid experience. It is our never-ceasing soul that makes us understand the function of our presence. Therefore discover astral projection for treading on a splendid path to a from the world experience which would take you beyond the borders of the physical universe to a greater astral plane astral projection realms.
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