Mastering Astral Projection involves learning how to seperate your subconscious self from your physical body and traveling from the latter towards another reality. Ancient religious shamen were recognized to be well practised in this and were able to go beyond the physical borders of the cosmos by traveling to these higher level astral planes.

Many individuals today are devoting a lot of time and effort in mastering astral projection. This is because of the fact that the experience of leaving your own physical body and seeing it from a distance is an experience of a lifetime. Additionally, your subtle state of consciousness, your aura, or your spirit self, transcends the physical universe and moves easily to a higher plane moving away from the body to wherever wanted, seeing the world at a distance. For this reason, exceling in astral projection is a very desired activity amidst the esoteric followers.

The first and primary aspect of exceling in astral projection needs psychological affirmations. Take out worries and uneasiness from your mind and consistently affirm or inform your subconscious that you can, and you will definitely be able to project yourself astrally.

The third thing to look at in becoming good at astral projection is the time in which you are going to induce it. Almost all astral projection that takes place is connected with sleep, especially REM and lucid dreaming phases. When you go to sleep you go through 4 stages of sleep increasing deeper in each one. After the next stage the cycle changes till it reaches the REM mode which is composed of Rapid eye Motion and intense brain activity.

This is the time when individuals have lots of dreams and the perfect time to experience astral projection.

Now that you have prepared yourself mentally for astral travel and recognize the best time for it, arrange for a dimly lit area where there’s calm and pace without any sort of obstruction from person or electrical machines. If possible abstain from too much food and products like caffeine and afterwards lie down slowly using light comfortable clothing. Your main goal ought to be to mimic REM sleep. Begin with little meditational techniques for soothing down your mind and to channelize your energies.

Attempt to imagine a cordage dangling in front of you and yourself climbing out of your body. Go into a deep trance like state and focus all your energy on this visualization.

A vital point to note in exceling in astral projection is the fact that when you are traveling away from your body, even if you for the slightest of seconds contemplate or feel an unexpected anxiety relating to whether you can return back to your body at all, then ensure than you astral projection will certainly concern a sudden end then and there.

You will certainly feel a sudden pull from your body or experience an abrupt ‘drawing back’ or ‘waking up’ from your astral plane to actuality.

You can easily use Binaural Beats in mastering astral projection if you decide to use technical means.

This entails listening to sound waves at different frequencies with each ear which synchronizes your own brainwaves, thereby producing a mental condition that is highly conductive to astral projection. Whatever method you decide to utilize to prepare yourself before embarking on the quest of astral travel, it’s a voyage of a life-time and an experience you will always remember.

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