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Do you remember dreaming of floating out from your body and then seen yourself from outside? Chances are that you woke up just about then, explaining it away to yourself as just a strange dream. But it in all likelihood the opening sequence of an astral projection experience when you were asleep in which your spiritual self separated from your physical self and traveled to higher astral levels or a different reality of consciousness.

Do you imagine what it would feel to fly away from your body and let your consciousness journey to different celestial dimensions, recognizing your own physical body and the world from far away? It is because of this that mastering astral projection is something which is very popular amongst many different cultures.

A really important and essential aspect of grasping astral projection requires mental affirmations.

You should remember that in order to achieve anything, you have to believe that you can, in the first place. Remove fears and apprehensions from your mind and constantly remind or tell your subconscious that you will be able to do it, and you will be able to transport your spirit self to the astral plane. Make a note of your beliefs make it easier and don’t forget that having faith can accomplish almost anything in life that you choose.

The most vital thing that you have to start and improve is learning to meditate. Projecting your spiritual self from out of your physical body requires you to have a very high level of focus, visualization power, control of your unconscious mind and an ability to concentrate all of ones attention and energy which really can only be cultivated with the help of meditation.

Something else which is important in mastering astral travel refers to the time of the projection. In discussing this the idea of REM has to be explained.

After four phases of sleep each more profound and slower than the others, the sleep cycle reverses. REM is short for Rapid Eye Movement stage when the brain is very active and dreams occur. It is this cycle of time which is the most efficient for astral travel.

When you are ready mentally for astral projecting, you should lie down in a softly lit or candle lit room preferably in light clothes. Remember that no electrical equipment should be switched on to distract you and abstain from having too much food, especially items like non-vegetarian or caffeine. You should try to replicate the REM sleep mode, this means let your body rest, but you should keep your mind alert.

Start with meditating and being aware of yourself and the energy flowing in you. You need to focus this energy by visualizing you floating up from your body or or as an alternative, visualize a rope and watching yourself climbing it.

An essential point to take note of in grasping astral travel is the fact that when you are traveling away from your physical body, even if you for the slightest of moments think about or feel a unexpected anxiety regarding whether it is possible to return back to your physical body, then you can be certain that your astral projection will come to a sudden end immediately.

Once you leave your body to continue on remember not to panic or be afraid while moving away more since your spirit will then automatically return to your body.

It is possible to use Binaural Beats in comprehending astral projection if you want to experience new technology. This involves hearing different sound waves through each ear which goes into the brain to synchronize and thereby establish a mental condition that is highly conducive to astral travel.

Whatever method you used to get yourself prepared and then startomg the journey of astral travel, it’s a journey of a lifetime and a trip to remember.

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