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Have you ever dreamt of floating out from your body and then viewed yourself from outside? You probably woke up at that point, explaining it away to yourself as just a strange dream. But it in all likelihood the start of an astral projection experience when you were asleep in which you left your physical body and traveled to higher astral dimensions or a different reality of consciousness.

It is usual for people to make a huge effort to succeed with astral projection. It is worth it because the incredible experience of leaving your own physical body to look at it from afar is an experience of a lifetime. Moreover, what is referred to as your subtle state of consciousness, your aura or your astral existence transcends what we think of as being reality and moves freely to a higher plane moving away from the body to wherever you want, observing everything at a distance.

This means that astral projection is a very popular activity amidst followers of esoteric knowledge.

When attempting astral projection, a really vital thing is affirming your subconscious mind that you will be able to do it. If your subconscious is unsure and you have the slightest of doubt then astral travel will be extremely difficult. It is vital you have complete faith in what you are doing and so what needs to be done is to make a note of everything you believe regarding life and reality and then record and keep repeating to yourself all about the immortal, omnipotent nature of your spirit self which can leave your physical body and travel to another dimension.

A vitally important part in attempting astral projection is to meditate. With increased meditation, you will gradually become more aware of your inner self. You will be able to control your subconscious and direct all your energy and attention into whatever is your desire which results in you developing a heightened power of visualization which is vital for successful astral projection.

The comprehending of astral travel includes the very crucial element of time. The perfect time in which to induce such a projection is during REM sleep. Humans have four main stages of sleeping with each stage becoming rapidly deeper than the previous one. After the end stage of very deep sleep, the cycle reverses until it comes to the phase of the REM or rapid eye movement phase where the activity of the brain is at its peak. This is the moment which is the most conducive for starting astral travel.

Now that you are completely prepared mentally for astral projection and know the right time for it, find a dimly lit room where it is calm and peaceful without any obstruction from person or electronic devices. It is important to refrain from too much food and items like caffeine and other similar stimulants and following lie down slowly. You should also be wearing light comfortable clothes. Your primary objective should be to mimic REM sleep.

You can start with very small meditational procedures for relaxing your mind and to focus your energies. Attempt to envision a rope dangling ahead of you and yourself ascending out of your body. Go into a deep trance like state and focus all your energy on this perception.

The hindrance factor in case of astral travel is the fear or apprehensiveness in the mind of the person regarding coming back to his or her physical body.

Always bear in mind that believing something is possible is really the most important thing and even the insignificant reluctance regarding such things will prevent the projection from being a success.

You must not be nervous or you will not be successful.

Even if you can manage to project to a higher level and suddenly get frightened in traveling away from the body you will instantly return.

Technology is now available to help you achieve astral projection. Binaural beats or different sound waves through different ears results in the synchronization of your brainwaves which creates the mental condition to allow astral projecting.

Mastering astral projection can be said to be a highly rewarding way to be able to comprehend your full potential beyond the illusionary physical universe.

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