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Being successful at Astral Travel involves comprehending the art of dividing your conscious from your physical body and journeying from this towards a much higher astral level.

Venerable religious practitioners were generally masters at astral projection and could leave the physical edges of the universe by projecting to a higher plane.

Mystic supporters and many people today are really determined in comprehending astral projecting into the superior subtle conscious dimensions. Though it might appear rather eerie, this is an experience of a lifetime since it involves leaving your own body and observing it from a distance. Moreover you can fly to whatever place you choose and perceive the whole universe from your astral body.

A very important and paramount part of learning to master astral projection needs psychic assertions. You should remember that in order to accomplish anything, you simply have to believe that you can, in the first place. Get rid of any fears and worries from your head and constantly remind or tell your unconscious that you really can do it, and you will successfully project your spirit self to the astral regions. Write down your beliefs to assist you and remember that having faith can achieve almost anything you want out of life.

An extremely important thing in successful astral projection is starting meditation techniques. With the process of meditation, you will be more aware of your inner self. It will become possible for you to control your subconscious mind and channel all your attention and energy into whatever is your desire thereby developing a heightened power of concentration and visualization which is required to be a success at astral projection.

The complete understanding of astral travel includes the vital element of time. The perfect time in which to induce such a projection is during REM sleep. Humans have four main stages of sleeping with each phase becoming rapidly deeper than the previous one. After the last stage of very deep sleep, the cycle reverses until it comes to the phase known as the REM or rapid eye movement stage where the activity of the brain is at its maximum value. This is the moment which is the most conducive for mastering astral travel.

When you are completely prepared mentally for astral travel and know the right time for it, choose a minimimely lit room where it is calm and peaceful without any obstruction from anyone else or electronic devices. It is important to abstain from eating meat and items like caffeine and other similar stimulants and thereafter lie down slowly. You should also be wearing light comfortable clothes. Your main objective should be to mimic REM sleep.

You should start with tiny meditational procedures for calming down your mind and to focus your energies. Attempt to envision a rope dangling ahead of you and see yourself ascending out of your body. Go into a profound trance like phase and focus all your energy on this perception.

It is essential you should remember when attempting astral projection is that if you feel afraid at all regarding whether you’ll be able to return to the body then this will result in you not being able to leave.

You will feel a sudden pull from your body or even feel a sudden ‘sucking back’ from your astral level to actuality.

Nowadays you can make use of Binaural Beats in grasping astral projection if you want to experience new technology. This will involve you hearing different sound waves through each ear which goes into the brain to harmonize and thereby create a mental condition that is highly conducive to astral projection.

Whichever of the methods is eventually chosen, mastering astral projection is not particularly easy and really needs concentration and focus.

However, once achieved, it is a feeling of a lifetime which forces many doors to open to your real self which you may not have known of before.

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