learning astral projection

Learning Astral Projection means learning the art of separating your spiritual self from your physical body and traveling from this towards a different dimension.

Ancient religious holy men were understood to be adept in this and could go beyond the physical confines of the cosmos by traveling to these higher level astral dimensions.

Lots of people today are devoting a whole lot of effort in learning astral projection. This is due to the fact that the experience of leaving your own physical body and viewing it from afar is an experience of a life time. Moreover, your subtle state of consciousness, your aura, or your spirit self, goes beyond the physical cosmos and moves easily to a greater plane moving away from the body to wherever desired, seeing the earth at a distance. Thus, mastering astral projection is an extremely popular task amidst the esoteric followers.

The first and foremost area when learning astral projection calls for you to consistently practise reciting affirmations. Keep in mind that in order to achieve anything, you have to have faith that it really is possible. Eliminate concerns and uneasiness from your mind and continuously affirm or advise your subconscious that it can be done, and you will successfully experience astral travelling.

Write down your beliefs on life if it aids you and remember that faith can easily accomplish almost anything.

Exceling in astral projection includes the really important element of time. This is the time which is the most helpful for mastering astral projection.

Now that you are mentally prepared for astral travel, rest in a dimly lit or candle lit room preferably in light clothes. Remember that no electrical equipment should be switched on to distract you and abstain from having excessive food, specifically items like non-vegetarian or caffeine.

Try to mimic the REM rest mode, let your body rest, however keep your mind awake and focused. Begin with meditating and being aware of yourself and the energy streaming in you. Channel this energy into a vision of you moving up from your body or you can even picture a rope and yourself climbing up by it.

A necessary point to indicate in exceling in astral projection is the fact that when you are traveling away from your body, even if you for the tiniest of moments contemplate or feel a sudden anxiousness relating to whether you can return back to your body at all, then make sure than you astral projection will pertain to a sudden end then and there. You will feel a sudden pull from your body or experience a sudden ‘drawing back’ or ‘waking up’ from your astral plane to reality.

Lastly, technological innovations like binaural beats can be made use of in generating the mental state that is conducive to astral projection. Binaural beats include hearing two different sound frequencies through both ears which then syncronizes with your own brainwaves so as to produce the necessary psychological state. Whatever method is used, mastering astral projection is not really easy and needs you to use your higher mindpower. However, once it is achieved, it is an experience of a life-time which forces open numerous doors to your personality which you might not have recognized previously.

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