astral projection made easy

An astral plane describes another plane of existence, a different realm of consciousness separated from that of the physical body. Propagated by early religions and other esoteric philosophers, the term astral projection entails your conscious self travelling away from your physical body to a different astral plane.

Today we find both esoteric followers as well as numerous other people, who are extremely interested in learning being able to project themselves into the greater subtle consciousness worlds. Though a bit weird, this is actually an experience of a lifetime because it involves leaving your wordly body and looking at it from a distance. In addition you can travel as far away as you want and observe the whole world from your spiritual body.

In learning astral projection, the key thing is asserting to your subconscious mind that you will definitely be able to do it.

If your subconscious is unsure and you have even the tiniest doubt, then astral travel will be extremely tough for you. Complete faith achieves virtually anything and thus the most effective technique is to write down several of your views concerning life and reality then note down and reiterate to yourself about the infinitely free, omnipotent nature of your spirit, which can travel to different astral planes.

The third thing to look at in becoming good at astral projection is the time that you will induce it. Almost all astral projection that takes place is in relation with rest, specifically REM and lucid dreaming phases. When you go to sleep you go through four phases of sleep increasing deeper in each one. After the fourth stage the cycle changes till it reaches the REM mode which contains Rapid eye Motion and extreme brain activity.

This is the time when people have a great deal of dreams and the right time to attempt astral projection.

Now that you have prepared yourself mentally for astral travel and recognize the ideal time for it, organize for a dimly lit area where there’s calm and pace without any interference from individual or electrical tools. If feasible abstain from excessive food and items like caffeine and afterwards rest slowly using light relaxed garments. Your main target ought to be to simulate REM rest. Begin with little meditational techniques for soothing down your mind and to channelize your energies. Attempt to imagine a rope dangling in front of you and yourself climbing out of your body. Go into a deep trance like state and concentrate all your energy on this visualization.

The most likely cause of failure at astral projection is the concern or anxiousness in the minds of the person concerning returning back to his physical body. Consistently remember that having faith and believing in yourself is the most necessary thing and also the slightest doubt regarding such things will prevent you successfully projecting. Secondly, even if you manage to travel to another dimension and you were to get scared about traveling such a long way away, then your astral self would suddenly be pulled back into your physical body.

Lastly, technological innovations like binaural beats can be utilized in producing the mental state that is conducive to astral projection. Binaural beats include hearing 2 different sound vibrations with both ears which then syncronizes with your brainwaves which helps to develop the necessary psychological state. Whatever procedure is utilized, becoming good at astral projection is not particularly simple and needs you to use your higher powers of mind. Nonetheless, when it is attained, it is an experience of a lifetime which opens lots of doors to your character which you may not have actually recognized previously.

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