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Becoming a success with Astral Projection requires fully understanding the art of dividing your conscious from your physical body and journeying from the latter to a higher astral dimension.

Venerable religious leaders were all experts projecting and could transcend the physical restraints of the universe by traveling to another dimension.

Mystic followers and numerous individuals today are extremely interested in mastering astral projection of self into the higher subtle conscious dimensions. Though it might appear a bit eerie, this is a trip of a lifetime as it involves journeying outside your own body and looking at it from a distance. You can of course journey to wherever you want and observe the world from your astral body.

A vital and essential aspect of comprehending astral travel needs psychic assertions.

You should remember that to achieve anything, you need to be certain that you can, in the first place. Detach fears and apprehensions from your head and constantly remind or tell your inner self that you can, and you will successfully transport your spiritual self to the astral plane. Record your beliefs make it easier and don’t forget that having faith can accomplish almost anything in life that you choose.

An extremely important thing in attempting astral projection is starting meditation techniques. With the process of meditation, you will gradually become more aware of your inner self. You will find that you are able to control your subconscious and direct all your energies into your object of desire which results in you developing a heightened power of visualization which is imperative to be a success at astral projection.

The mastering of astral travel includes the vital element of time. The perfect moment in which to induce such a projection is during REM sleep. Humans sleep in four stages with each stage becoming deeper than the one before. After the last stage of very deep sleep, we see the reversal of the cycle till it reaches the phase of the REM or rapid eye movement stage where the brain’s activity is at its peak. This is the time which is the most efficient for starting astral travel.

Successfully comprehending astral projection implies developing the correct ambience.

Small facilitating elements would be to wear cozy clothing, vegetarian food prior to such exercises and abstinence from items such as coffee or other stimulants. Decide on a suitable area which is soothing and quiet. A softly lit or candle filled atmosphere where there are not any electrical accessories to cause interference should really be sufficient.

Start with small meditational procedures for relaxing your mind and to focus your energies. Attempt to envision a rope suspended ahead of you and see yourself climbing out of your body. Go into a deep unconsciousness like phase and focus all your energy on this visualization.

What can stop you from astral projection is the fear or apprehensiveness in the mind of the person regarding returning back to his or her physical body. Always recall that having faith and belief is really the most essential thing and even the slightest doubt concerning such things will prevent the projection from being a success.

Don’t be afraid or you will not be able to do it.

Even if you manage to travel to a higher level and at that point get scared in journeying too far away from the body you will instantly return.

Advances in technology like that known as binaural beats can be used to help in creating the mental state that is conducive to astral projection. Binaural Beats involve listening to two different sound waves through both ears which fuses into each other and synchronized in the mind to establishes the required mental state.

Whatever method is eventually chosen, grasping astral projection is not particularly easy and needs high mind power. Although when you get it right, it is a feeling of a lifetime which forces many doors to open to your real self which you probably would not have been aware of before.

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