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The term ‘astral plane’ refers to an alternative reality, another realm of consciousness separated from that of the physical body. Propagated by some of the earliest religions and other philosophers, the term astral projection involves your spiritual self to travel from out of your body to an alternative astral plane.

Many people try really hard trying to master astral projection. This is due to the fact that the incredible experience of leaving your own physical body to view it from afar is truly life-changing experience. Moreover, what is known as your consciousness subtle state, your aura or your spiritual self transcends what we think of as being reality and moves freely to a higher plane moving away from the body to wherever you desire, observing everything at a distance.

This means that astral projection is a very popular activity amidst the esoteric believers.

A really important and paramount part of learning to master astral projection needs psychic affirmations. Remember that in order to attain anything, you have to be certain that you can, in the first place. Purge fears and apprehensions from your head and constantly affirm or tell your subconscious that you can, and you will be able to channel your spirit self to the astral regions. Make a note of your beliefs make it easier and always remember that having faith can accomplish almost anything in life that you choose.

Meditation is a very important component which is critical for understanding astral travel. Through meditation one achieves increased self awareness with understanding about his true self and potential. It assists calming your mind, increasing awareness over one’s subconscious and assists in imagining and focusing all of his energy and attention to that vision which is very important in case of grasping astral projection.

Importantly you should note in mastering astral travel, the time in which you intend inducing it. Remember astral projection is closely related to when you are sleeping, this is specifically REM and the lucid dream stages. When sleeping you essentially go through four stages of sleep which is growing deeper in each one. When the fourth stage has concluded the cycle inverses until reaching the REM mode which is when you have Rapid eye Movement and your brain activity is at its most intense. This is actually when people dream a lot and is perfect for astral travel.

Successfully mastering astral projection involves creating the correct atmosphere. Small assistance elements would be to wear cozy clothing, vegetarian food prior to such exercises and abstinence from items such as coffee or other stimulants. Choose a place which is calm and quiet. A softly lit or candle lit ambience where there are not any electrical accessories to interfere should be enough.

Begin with small meditational procedures to relax yourself and gain control of your consciousness. Let your body rest while amplifying the focus of your mind. Visualize yourself flying out of your body or even climbing out of your body by using something to help you just in case you feel any resistance and thereafter channel all your attention and spirit on what you are imagining.

The hindrance factor in case of astral projection is the fear or anxiousness in the mind of the person regarding returning back to his or her physical body. Always bear in mind that believing something is possible is the most essential thing and even the insignificant doubt regarding such things will not let the travel from being successful.

Do not be frightened or you will not be successful. Even if you can manage to travel to a higher level and at that point get scared in journeying away from the body then your spiritual self would instantly be pulled back into your physical body.

You can surprisingly turn to technology. Using Binaural Beats is actually two slightly different soundwaves played through each ear for synchronization in the brain creates the mental condition which is needed for you to be able to astral project.

The art of successful astral projecting can be said to be a highly rewarding way to understand the full potential of yourself beyond what you currently know as reality.

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