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Grasping Astral Projection involves comprehending the art of dividing your consciousness from your physical body and traveling from this to a higher astral dimension.

Historically, ancient religious leaders were all proficient at astral projection and could leave the physical restraints of the universe by traveling to a higher plane.

It is usual for people to make a huge effort to succeed with astral projection. This is due to the fact that the amazing act of leaving your own physical body and watch it from somewhere else is a mind blowing experience. Moreover, your subtle state of consciousness, your aura or your astral existence transcends our current reality and transports you to a higher plane moving away from the body to wherever you desire, observing the world at a distance.

Hence, mastering astral projection is a very popular activity amidst followers of esoteric knowledge.

A vital and essential part of learning to master astral projection requires psychic affirmations.

Remember that to attain anything, you simply have to believe that you can, in the first place. Detach fears and doubts from your head and constantly remind or tell your inner self that you will be able to do it, and you will be able to transport your spirit self to the astral regions. Write down your opinions if it helps and always remember that faith can attain almost anything in life.

Meditation is a vital part which is crucial for understanding astral projection. Through meditation one achieves increased self awareness with understanding about his real self and potential. It facilitates calming one’s mind, increasing awareness over one’s subconscious and helps in visualizing and focusing all of his energy and attention towards that vision which is very important in the success of grasping astral projection.

The mastering of astral projection includes the very crucial element of time. The perfect moment in time in which projection should be induced is during REM sleep. Humans have four stages of sleep with each phase becoming rapidly deeper than the previous one. After the last phase of very deep sleep, we see the reversal of the cycle till it reaches the stage of the REM or rapid eye movement phase where the brain activity is at its highest. This is the moment which is the most conducive for mastering astral projection.

Now that you are ready mentally for astral travel and know the right time for it, find a minimimely lit room where there’s calm and peace without any obstruction from person or electrical devices. It is necessary to abstain from eating meat and items like caffeine and following lie down slowly. You should also be wearing light comfortable clothes. Your main objective should be to simulate REM sleep.

You should begin with meditation and then be aware of yourself and the energy flowing in you. Channel this energy by visualizing you floating away from your body or you can even visualize a rope and watching yourself climbing it.

A crucial thing you need to remember when ungergoing astral projection is that if one has even the slightest of apprehensions regarding whether you’ll be able to return to the body then you will not be able to leave in the first place.

Do not be frightened or you will not be able to do it. Even if you manage to project to a higher dimension and at that point get frightened in traveling too far away from the body then your astral body would suddenly be pulled back into your physical body.

It is possible to use Binaural Beats in mastering astral travel if you want to experience new technology. This involves hearing different sound waves through each ear which goes into the brain to synchronize and thereby establish a psychic state that is highly efficient to astral travel.

Whichever method you used to get yourself ready and then startomg the journey of astral travel, it will be a journey of a lifetime and a trip to remember forever.

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