how to experience astral projection

The concept of the astral plane refers to another dimension, a different realm of consciousness separated from that of the physical body. Propagated by some of the earliest religions and other esoteric philosophers, the act of astral projection involves your conscious to travel forth from your body to another astral plane.

Esoteric believers and many ordinary people today are really determined in grasping astral projecting into the superior ethereal conscious realms. Though it probably appears rather eerie, this is a feeling of a lifetime because it involves leaving your own body and observing it from a distance. Moreover you can journey as far away as you want and examine the universe from your astral body.

In comprehending astral projection, you need to have faith in yourself and make sure that you really believe that you can separate your aura, astral body or consciousness from your physical body making it float freely to ethereal realms. The best way of doing this is to write down all your thoughts on life and reality, thereafter write down all of the good things that you want to see materializing and make affirmations regarding the latter.

An extremely important thing in mastering astral projection is to use meditation. With the process of meditation, you will gradually become more aware of your inner self. It will become possible for you to control your subconscious mind and channel all your attention and energy into whatever is your desire thereby developing a heightened power of visualization which is vital for successful astral projection.

You should really take note of in attempting astral projection, the time in which you intend inducing it. Almost all astral projection that takes place is seen to be in relation with sleep, this is specifically REM and the lucid dream stages. When you sleep you actually go through four stages of sleep which is growing deeper with each one. When the fourth stage has concluded the cycle inverses until reaching the REM mode which consists of Rapid eye Movement and your brain activity is at its most intense. This is essentially when people see a lot of dream and is the perfect time astral travel.

As soon as you are prepared mentally for astral travel, you should lie down in a dimly lit or candle filled room preferably in light clothes. Ensure that no electrical equipment should be turned on which may distact you and you really should not have too much food, especially non-vegetarian food. Try to mimic the REM sleep mode, let your body rest, but keep your mind awake and focused.

Start with small meditational techniques to calm yourself and to gain control of your mind. Let your body sleep while increasing your focus. Imagine yourself floating out of your body or even rising out of your body with the help of something just in case you feel any opposition and thereafter guide all your attention and energy on what you are imagining.

An important point to note in comprehending astral projection is that when you are journeying away from your physical body, even if for the trivial of moments start to feel a unexpected fear concerning whether you can return back to your body, then be assured that your astral travel will come to a sudden end immediately.

You will feel a sudden pull from your body or even feel a unexpected ‘sucking back’ from your astral dimension to this reality.

Technological assistance like that known as binaural beats can be used in creating the psychic state that is conducive to astral projection. Binaural Beats involve hearing two different sound vibrations through both ears which binds with one another and synchronized in the brain which create the necessary mental state.

Whatever technique you decided to use to get yourself ready and then startomg the journey of astral projection, it will be a journey of a lifetime and a feeling you will remember forever.

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