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Astral Projection - Experience The Incredible Sensation Of Leaving Your Body - Instantly!

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What is Astral Projection? - astral traveling

Imagine what it would feel like if you could really leave your body and fly to any destination in time and space of your choice-
*Imagine visiting another planet, or experiencing other dimensions and even seeing into the future or visiting the past! And What If You Could Do All This For FREE!
* The possibilities are endless- Where would you choose to go to?

What would it feel like to walk through walls? Or see into the future? Or even meet your deceased loved ones?

Tens of thousands of people around the world have experienced leaving their body, and our unique Astral Projection package is so powerful that it is guaranteed to work for you as well.

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"It's like an incredible journey in time and space with each journey taking me to another world. Like science fiction, but real... I am so lucky to have found your site." -James Lauder NY

I have tried other methods in the past, but your Astral Projection Kit is fantastic! Within just 12 minutes I was experiencing a feeling of leaving my body far behind. Never before has it happened to me so quickly!
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"What Is Astral Projection?"

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Astral Projection, often referred to as an out of body experience is when your consciousness or spirit leaves your physical body temporarily.

When you experience Astral Projection it actually feels just as real and vivid as normal reality. In fact it seems 'super-real' as your senses are heightened and you see things far more vividly than normal.

The traveller finds him- or herself in an apparently real world, or worlds, all different from each other and quite unlike anything ever experienced in our 'normal' reality.

Environments here may range from populated to unpopulated, artificial or natural in appearance, to completely abstract environments and from beautiful to bizarre.

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Here, normal physical laws often do not apply and humans
can for example, float or fly or walk through walls.

Travellers as well as travelling from one realm to the other,
may also visit the past or future or other dimensions.

When you experience Astral Projection, often people can see themselves still attached to their physical body by an energy connection which usually takes the appearance of a silver
cord 'plugging' into the body like an umbilical cord.

The appearance of this cord shows you that you are totally
safe, and are able to return to your body at any time.

Unlike a 'near death experience' when the person is suddenly surprised and alarmed at being out of their body, with Astral Projection, you are totally in control at all times and can
therefore choose where to go and when to return.

"How Do You Experience Astral Projection?"

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The World's Most Powerful
Astral Projection astral traveling

"Experience The Incredible Sensation Of Leaving Your Body Whenever You Wish To, By Using This Awesome New Astral Projecting Kit!"
29 FREE Products!
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There are many ways that people can experience Astral Projection and the reason
why people are finding our kit so exciting is that it uses a unique combination of different cutting edge technologies which work independently and together to help you to achieve projection.

The first thing you need to do is to prepare your mind and body for Astral Projection.

To achieve this, the first part of the kit is designed to get you totally relaxed, and as you can see, these are given to you completely FREE:-

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Astral Projection Relax Primer Level 1
(10 Minutes Mp3 Audio)

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Astral Projection Primer Level 2
(15 Minutes Mp3 Audio)

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Astral Projection Primer Level 3
(20 Minutes Mp3 Audio)


One of the important technologies we use for Astral Projection is the use of binaural beats.

Also called brainwave entrainment, this involves listening with headphones to special sound frequencies. These pure sine waves are slightly different in each ear which results in a synchronization of both of the brain's hemispheres or lobes.

Scientists have discovered, after extensive experimentation through the whole range of frequencies, that a certain combination of alpha and theta wave frequencies results in a complete consciousness shift favourable to projection.

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Using cutting edge technology we have now refined this process even further resulting in an extraordinarily fast transition from normal consciousness to the state required to achieve Astral Projection.

Some people have told us that by listening to our CD's they have achieved this state in 8-10 minutes, but the average time seems to be between 10-15 minutes.

Remember just a few years ago without this breakthrough technology, this would have been impossible to achieve unless you spent many years of meditation study.

The development of Binaural technology has made it possible for anyone to achieve astral projection just by listening to these special sound waves.

However, real success at Astral Projection does not happen by listening to only one audio. Over time it becomes unsustainable as your brain 'gets used' to hearing the same frequency pattern and gradually the effect becomes less and less. Having different recordings that all contain these special frequencies enhances your brains response.

You would usually pay $29.95 or more for each special binaural sound frequency.

But we give you 11 unique binaural recordings totally FREE!

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Astral Projection State -
(30 Mins Mp3 Audio)


Astral Projection Chant -
(30 Mins Mp3 Audio)


Astral Projection Chism -
(30 Mins Mp3 Audio)


Astral Projection Connector -
(30 Mins Mp3 Audio)


Astral Projection Dimension -
(30 Mins Mp3 Audio)


Astral Projection Drive -
(30 Mins Mp3 Audio)


Astral Projection Experience -
(30 Mins Mp3 Audio)


Astral Projection Region -
(30 Mins Mp3 Audio)


Astral Projection Rider -
(30 Mins Mp3 Audio)


Astral Projection Sea -
(30 Mins Mp3 Audio)


Astral Projection Storm -
(30 Mins Mp3 Audio)


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If you have tried Astral Projection in the past and not succeeded,
the only thing that prevented you from experiencing it was your
own subconscious mind.

The way to communicate with your subconscious mind is by using subliminal messaging. These special audios bombard your subconscious with subliminal affirmations to reassure it that it is perfectly safe to leave your body.

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Advanced Astral Projection astral traveling Subliminal Affirmations Night Session
(20 Minutes Mp3 Audio)

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Advanced Astral Projection astral traveling Subliminal Affirmations Day Session
(20 Minutes Mp3 Audio)

astral projection image15 Advanced Astral Projection astral traveling Subliminal Affirmations Silent Session
(20 Minutes Mp3 Audio)
astral projection image16 Advanced Astral Projection astral traveling Subliminal Reverse Speech Session
(20 Minutes Mp3 Audio)

Advanced Astral Projection astral traveling Subliminal Stereo Affirmations Session (20 Minutes Mp3 Audio)


Now knowledge is power, so we
also give you 8, Totally FREE Bonus eBooks containing everything you could ever need to know about
Astral Projection!

126 page PDF eBook

18 page PDF eBook


105 page PDF eBook


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177 page PDF eBook


132 page PDF eBook


Finally The Guided Deep Hypnosis Sessions which will guide
you through an Out of Body experience and reveal exactly
what you will need to do to achieve Astral Projection astral traveling :-

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Deep Hypnosis Astral Projection Guided Session 1
(30 Minutes Mp3 Audio)


Deep Hypnosis Astral Projection Guided Session 2
(30 Minutes Mp3 Audio)


Deep Hypnosis Astral Projection Guided Session 3
(30 Minutes Mp3 Audio)

$29.95 This is the only one you pay for!

This whole package of 30 Astral Projection products in total, is now available at an amazing price either as an Instant Download or DVD

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"Whenever I want to I can just go and put on your CD and journey anywhere in time and space. I can't believe what I am experiencing, the things I have seen, the almost unbelievable things I have enjoyed.
I am lost for words.."

David Hearn, Sidney, Australia

Benefits of the Astral Projection include:

  • Elimination of the fear of death;

  • Knowledge and preview of life after death or before birth;

  • Increase in psychic abilities;

  • Remembering past lives and the period between lives;

  • Recall of planning and preparation for current life;
    Greater understanding of the purpose of life;

  • Enhanced meditation and consciousness expansion due to reduced physical restriction;

  • Ability to communicate with diseased loved ones and spiritual guides;

  • Greater sense of humanity and desire and ability to help others;

  • Valuing life more;

  • Leading a more purposeful, mature, ethical and humanitarian or assistantial life;

  • Fostering a gradual social renovation away from divisiveness and materialism;

  • Better preparation for inevitable physical death (less traumatic transition);

  • Finding missing persons, surveying distant physical locations (tourism, science, looking for a new house);

  • New methods of prevention, diagnosis, and remission of physical ailments;

  • Relief from restrictive physical conditions (prison, physical disability);

  • More restorative sleep

"Prepare Yourself On Seeing Things You
Never Even Suspected Exist.."

Our awesome state of the art Astral Projection kit will take you on an incredible journey to the Astral Plane.

Many years of research have gone into the development of our Binaural Frequency, Subliminal Affirmations, Ebook Collection and Deep Hypnosis Astral Projection Kit which is now available to the public for the first time.

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GUARANTEE: All Items Have A Full 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee!

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Many Astral Travel Facts Discussed Astral projection is a practice with a long history, just like meditation or yoga astral traveling. There are many different names which astral projection is known as and there are many different ways to astral project.

Relaxation techniques such as meditation helps encourage proper astral projection astral traveling. Meditation is a great way to prepare your body and mind for projecting and all you have to do is practice, practice, and practice more by meditating astral traveling.

The phenomenon of spontaneous astral traveling is quite common and many people have reported to have this kind of experience while sleeping eating or dreaming. Spontaneous experience however occur with usage of drugs or alcohols, having near to death experience, experiencing severe trauma or while being sick.

You will begin to feel heavy as if energy is escaping each area of your body, slowly slipping away astral traveling. Once you are completely relaxed, it is time to move on to the next level of astral projection.

Generally speaking, the majority of people have at one point in their life heard the term 'astral projection.' This could've been from an enlightened friend, a book or a movie.

This brings us to the next logical question – what is the astral body? The astral body is essentially an invisible 'double' of your physical body astral traveling. The astral body is also known as the ethereal body, and is the seat of our feelings and desires. You may wonder why the astral body doesn’t just leave and never return. This is because the astral body remains connected to the physical body via a silver cord.

To start with astral traveling you need to be in comfortable room. Light some good, cleansing, incense as that will help you ground and center well. Next you must center and ground yourself. This is an extremely significant skill to have and is true even though you never plan to leave your body. This is done because the grounding will support you to firmly connect your silver cord to your body and secondly, it will give you an energy source which is big enough to channel through yourself so that you can reach the correct state of vibration to actually leave the body. Next is to begin meditation.

Don’t be concerned if you find yourself unable to astral project the first time you try. You might not even be able to astral project the second or third time you try astral traveling.

If you want to do astral traveling using a building, sit on the living room floor and stare at a good point at the walls or ceilings. Imagine that you are stepping down the building stairs to the ground floor. If the number of floors is twenty, bring each and every floors and pictures in your mind. You will slowly realize that your spirit has left your body and reached to the ground floor of the building. Now, it can watch every thing present their and let you know. Write down these astral traveling in the journal and revise it before you attempt next time.

Kabbalistic supporters and many people today are really determined in comprehending astral projection of self into the superior ethereal conscious dimensions. Though it probably appears rather eerie, this is a feeling of a lifetime because it involves journeying outside your own body and watching it from a distance. Moreover you can travel to wherever you want and perceive the whole universe from your astral body astral traveling.

Start with meditating and then be aware of yourself and the energy flowing in you. You need to focus this energy into a vision of you leaving your body or you can even visualize a rope and watching yourself climbing it.

In normal cases Out of body experience may occur for variety of reasons. Use of Psychedelic drugs may causes your body to slips to deeper comma state and results in astral traveling, or any other reason that may lips you to trance.

New technology like that known as binaural beats can be used in creating the correct state that is suitable to astral travel. Binaural Beats involve listening to two different sound vibrations through each ear simultaniously which fuses with each other and synchronized in the brain so as to establishes the required psychic state astral traveling.

A very important step towards astral traveling for beginners consists of mastering the ability to control your energy. After you are in a trance condition and have attained a focused state of mind through your concentration, focus on the energy flowing through you. Feel the tingling sensation in your spine and attempt to channelise the flowing energy to your hands. A difficult step to accomplish, imagine making a ball at your finger tips with the energy flowing to your hands.

Out of body experience is something that is defined as a state where one experiences floating outside his physical body astral traveling.This a scientifically proven term which is generally feedbacked by the people experiencing near death terms.

A person does not have to be near death to have an out of body experience. There are times that this can happen spontaneously. There are also times that an out of the body experience can be brought on by a mental or physical trauma. As well as when a person has used drugs or slipped into a coma.

The last phase of the out of body experience consists of the re-entry of one's free force. Most of the time the individual's sudden anxiety regarding return, after he has traveled too far away from the body, results in a sudden pull-in, or sucking in or a sudden awakening from the experience. On the contrary it may also happen that instead of such suddenness, the re-entry is slow and gradual with a feeling of awakening from a deep trance.

If you believe it's possible for your astral body to leave your physical body, you should already be on the path toward success.

Astral projecting is an art that also features in the ancient manuscripts of the Hindus, a religion that is known to be one of the oldest and spiritually advanced. Hinduism in countries like India, has always been about the immortality and omnipotence of the soul that has the freedom of traveling anywhere or doing whatever it wants to, if one can achieve that required level of mind power so as to be able to come out the bondage of the physical body. Numerous scriptures and writings of spiritual men pave the way for how astral projecting is to be mastered and their own experiences thereof.

Many people believe that everyone is born with the ability of astral projection astral traveling. Practice makes perfect and that is the only difference between those can and those who can't.

For you out of body experiences or an out of body experience will be an experience of a lifetime, a journey like no other where you leave your physical body and travel forth in your spirit.Understanding astral traveling. Advance meditational practices gains you more control on your mind increasing the powers of visualization and concentration with which you can visualize yourself floating out of your body and concentrate all your energies on this vision in order to project yourself beyond the boundaries of the physical universe to higher astral planes.

As you repeat this phrase, you can wake up in your dream and have the freedom to do anything you like astral traveling. This may be difficult for beginners and may take time to practice before it works astral traveling.

If one wants to induce astral traveling himself, a deep trance condition through meditation is one of the best ways to attain it. Channeling all your attention and energy with increased control of your mind with the help of meditation and strong visualization in terms of seeing yourself floating outside the body facilitates OBE.

With each exhalation, you should feel the tension leaving your body. Once your body is completely and totally relaxed you will be ready to move onto the next stage necessary for you to successfully astral project.

There are certain astral traveling techniques which will help you to achieve such state of mind which is essential for astral traveling. Before you practice astral traveling techniques you need to gain control over your mind. To gain control over your mind and improve your concentration power, practice yoga and meditation. It will have great benefits with you. Once you gained control of your mind next is practicing astral traveling techniques to enjoy the world spiritual walking.

At some point in time in your life, you have probably heard the term Out of Body. You may have heard it in a movie, it may have come up in a book you read or even in a conversation, you may have engaged in when speaking to a friend astral traveling.

It is natural at this point to wonder whether or not Out Of Body is dangerous in any way astral traveling. The answer is both yes and no. We have already established that the astral body cannot permanently leave the physical body, and that everyone is capable of Out Of Body. But, just like anything you do, you need to be able to think effectively astral traveling. Solid thinking skills are required so that you can go where you want and know what you plan to accomplish.

You are recommended to write down your experience in a journal so that you can well understand your experiences and compare your daily improvements. And you need to make sure that the chosen space for out of body experiences is free from noises and other external distractions that may divert your concentration. You may close your eyes for a while and manifest your mind that you are going to stay afloat in the air or astral space that thought is vital to let your spirits uplift from your body.

If you take the time to get properly prepared ahead of time, you might find that you are able to astral project quite quickly. There are also many professionals in this field that teach different ways of helping a person gain the necessary control to have a better experience, though many people prefer to astral project alone, from the comfort of home astral traveling.

It could go both ways science has ways to trick the brain but the way the brain perceives the world in general and under normal conditions also lead to a lot of illusions that can help science to ask important questions.

Are you still not so sure? Think about the last time you dreamt you were flying or felt as if you had fallen. It feels similar to flying when the astral body moves throughout the astral plane. When the astral body returns to the physical body the sensation is much like falling and landing astral traveling.

Getting with so many procedures, one can opt for meditation as the best effective way. As and when one feels the perception of silence or peace, one can continue with the meditation therapy or self-hypnosis to get concentrated for the out of body experience. As one thinks positively that he will surely receive the state of astral world or constantly keeps on influencing him that he has almost reached it, the mind will take this reception as a successful way to astral traveling.

However, astral travel can be dangerous when you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs astral traveling. Chemical substances can restrict your astral body to traveling on the lowest – and most dangerous layers of the astral plane astral traveling.

There is an advantage to these types of recordings astral traveling. You can have them play on repeat giving people who may find it difficult to prepare the time necessary to reach the appropriate state of mind; this extra time might not be available if professional sessions are used astral traveling.

To wander all over the universe and best experience astral traveling, you need to practice astral traveling practices in regular manner. It not only offers wonderful experiences but also improves your power of mind and intelligence.

Astral projection is not imaginary; it is very real! Anyone can do it and experience its benefits if they only take some time to hone this natural ability.

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