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Some people begin astral projecting at 15 or even more youthful. At this stage, they astral project more regularly for instance about four times a week when they have mastered the art definitely.

It reaches a time when a person tends to get tired for one reason or another and thus the frequency of astral projection lowers. Some individuals will get tired of being attacked by the adverse and low energy astral bodies. Normally, during university years, many individuals will also try astral travel not as frequently than they did at high school since they have the tendency to start concentrating on matters of the real world more.

Then later on in life, the frequency goes down due to aging. The older you are the slimmer your possibilities are that you will effectively astral project. The most possible reason for this could possibly be the simple reality that at a later age, there is so much to think of and address besides astral projecting. A teenager does not have any kids to think about. The young adult neither thinks about funds and health like the parents would do. Additionally, the possibilities of a teen who is just starting to astral job to be effective are higher than those of a 40 year old also starting. This shows that younger people seem to find out astral projection faster and have a much better control over it than the older members of the society.

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Unless you encounter bodies or beings that will trigger psychological harm to you or drain your energy, astral projection is extremely safe. Usually, individuals are afraid separating from the physical body since the bodies they meet when this happens are not so welcoming.

If you could safeguard yourself and could keep your vibration as high as it should be, you will have a safe and secured experience. Also, as long as you are have excellent abilities in psychic self protection and you can keep your fear and panic in check astral projection experience can never get hazardous for you. You could call for help from your angels along with guides if you can not put up with the astral bullies. If you are not careful enough, they will feed upon your energy. It is more like flying an airplane. While inside the airplane, as long as you have your tray table in the upright position, your safety belt on and you are aware of the treatments for security simply in case the plane crashes, the flight is safe. The idea of the plane brings us to the issue of flights. Just because you have once dreamt about flying does not always imply that you are astral projecting. However, if you at some point wake up on your bed, then astral project and go flying, then you could be certain that you are astral projecting. A random flying dream does not make you astral.

Psychics say commonly that dreaming is started by the subconscious mind which has the spirit, or astral body. This is what brings about falling dreams or causes somebody to get up either with a jerk or a falling feeling. Most of these dreams are never remembered by the consciousness therefore, the astral projection experience is subjective and the nature has permitted descriptions which do not rely on the existence of astral planes and bodies. However, there is some anecdotal evidence of individuals leaving their body in astral travel. Those with the experience of projection have actually mentioned that many of the sightings of ghosts specify the ghosts frequently as transparent or lucid apparitions walking on earth. It is not yet clear whether a spirit makes use of incarnation actually into a physical body to have astral projections.


There are no side effects in astral projection if the projection happens naturally since it is a natural phenomenon. Nonetheless, there could be a problem if this astral projection is induced particularly if the individual is not prepared fully for the travel. If this happens, the individual will meet lower or negative astral beings. He may end up in a vortex referred to as the Phantasmagoric Plane. Below, the extremely adverse entities will try to get his astral body by force and be adamant to let him escape. This is similar to going inside a black hole where there is no escape. This indicates that the individual will not get up at all. Astral projection is harmless and safe because this problem is very rare. Additionally, it is advised not to try causing astral projection in a haunted spot or a location with lower adverse entities because there could be spirit possession while the astral body is away. Another entity might take advantage and take over the sleeping physical body. Inducing an astral projection should be attempted in a favorable and safe environment therefore.

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