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An astral plane describes an alternative plane of existence, a different world of consciousness divided from that of the physical body. Propagated by old religions and other esoteric philosophers, the term astral projection entails your spirit travelling forth from your physical body to an alternative astral plane.

Many people today are devoting a whole lot of effort in learning astral projection. This is due to the fact that the experience of leaving your earthly, physical body and viewing it from a distance is an experience of a lifetime. In addition, your subtle state of consciousness, your aura, or your astral existence, goes beyond the physical universe and moves easily to a higher plane moving away from the body to anywhere desired, observing the world at a distance. For this reason, exceling in astral projection is an incredibly sought-after task amidst the esoteric followers.

In mastering astral projection, the main thing is asserting to your subconscious mind that you will definitely be successful at it. If your subconscious is unsure and you have even the tiniest doubt, then astral travel will definitely be extremely difficult for you. Absolute faith achieves just about anything and for this reason the most reliable technique is to jot down several of your views regarding life and our reality and then write down and restate to yourself about the eternally free, omnipotent nature of your soul, which can easily travel to alternative astral planes.

The third aspect of consideration in learning astral projection refers to the time of the projection. For this area the concept of REM needs to be clarified. After 4 stages of rest each deeper and slower than the others, the cycle of rest reverses. REM is short for Rapid Eye Motion phase when the brain is strongly active and dreams are created. It is this period of time which is the most likely time for astral projection.

Now that you have prepared yourself psychologically for astral travel and understand the excellent time for it, arrange for a dimly lit space where there’s calm and rate without any sort of interference from individual or electrical machines. Your key objective should be to mirror REM slumber. Attempt to imagine a cordage dangling in front of you and yourself going up out of your body.

A very important point to note in exceling in astral projection is the fact that when you are traveling away from your body, even if you for the least of seconds think about or feel an abrupt stress and anxiety concerning whether you can return back to your body at all, then make sure than you astral projection will pertain to an unexpected end then and there. You will definitely feel an abrupt pull from your body or experience a sudden ‘sucking back’ or ‘waking up’ from your astral plane to truth.

Lastly, technical inventions like binaural beats can easily be used in developing the psychological state that is conducive to astral projection. Binaural beats entail hearing 2 different sound vibrations with both ears which then syncronizes with your own brainwaves which helps to develop the required mental state. Whatever strategy is used, becoming good at astral projection is not really simple and requires you to make use of your higher mindpower. However, when it is attained, it is truly an experience of a life-time which opens numerous doors to your character which you could not have actually understood previously.

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