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Have you ever dreamt of flying out from your body and then watched from outside? Chances are that you woke up just about then, thinking the dream to be strange. But it in all likelihood the opening sequence of an astral travel experience when you were asleep in which your spirit left your body and traveled to higher astral dimensions or a different realm of consciousness.

Kabbalistic supporters and many ordinary people today are very interested in grasping astral projecting into the higher ethereal conscious dimensions. Though it probably appears rather eerie, this is a trip of a lifetime as it involves leaving your own body and watching it from a distance. Moreover you can travel as far away as you want and examine the universe from your spiritual self.

A really important and foremost part of comprehending astral projection requires mental assertions. You should remember that in order to attain anything, you have to be certain that that it is possible. Purge fears and doubts from your head and constantly affirm or tell your inner self that you really can do it, and you will be able to project your spiritual self to the astral plane. Make a note of your beliefs if it helps and remember that having faith can accomplish almost anything you want out of life.

Meditation is a vital element which is crucial for understanding astral projection. Through the use of meditation one achieves increased self awareness with knowledge about his real self and what his potential is. It assists relaxing one’s mind, increasing awareness and control over one’s subconscious mind and helps in visualizing and focusing all of his energy and attention towards that vision which is very essential in the success of comprehending astral projection.

You should record in mastering astral travel, the time in which you will induce it. Astral projection is related to sleep, specifically REM and the lucid dream stages. When sleeping you actually go through four stages of sleep which is growing deeper in each one. When the fourth stage has concluded the cycle inverses till it reaches the REM mode which consists of Rapid eye Movement and intense brain activity. This is the time when people dream a lot and is the perfect time astral projection.

Successfully mastering astral projection implies developing the right atmosphere.

Small facilitating factors would be to wear cozy clothing, vegetarian food prior to such activities and refraining from items such as alcohol. Arrange for a suitable area which is soothing and peaceful. A softly lit or candle lit ambience where there are no electronic devices to cause interference should suffice.

Start with small meditational techniques to relax yourself and gain control of your consciousness. Let your body relax while amplifying your concentration.

Have a vision of yourself moving out of your body or even climbing out of your body with the help of something in case you feel any resistance and thereafter focus all your attention and spirit on what you are visualizing.

The hindrance factor in case of astral projection is the fear or apprehensiveness in the mind of the person concerning coming back to his physical body.

Always recall that believing something is possible is the most essential thing and even the trivial reluctance regarding such things will prevent the travel from being successful.

Do not be frightened or you will not be able to do it.

Even if you can manage to project to a higher plane and suddenly get scared in traveling out from the body then your astral body would suddenly be pulled in into your physical body.

Advances in technology like that of binaural beats can be used in creating the correct state that is efficient to astral projection.

Binaural Beats involve listening to two different sound waves through each ear simultaniously which fuses into one another and synchronized in the brain to establish the required mental state.

Whichever method you adopted to get yourself ready and then embarking on the journey of astral travel, it’s a journey of a lifetime and a feeling to remember.

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