easiest astral projection technique

Have you ever dreamt of floating out from your body and then seen yourself from outside? You probably woke up at that point, explaining it away to yourself as just a strange dream. But it may also have been the beginning of an astral projection experience during your sleep in which your spirit left your body and traveled to higher astral planes or a different realm of consciousness.

Esoteric believers and numerous individuals today are very interested in grasping astral projecting into the higher ethereal conscious dimensions. Though it appears a bit weird, this is a feeling of a lifetime due to the fact it involves leaving your own body and looking at it from a distance. You are able to travel to wherever you want and look at the whole universe from your astral body.

A vital and foremost aspect of comprehending astral projection requires that you use psychic assertions.

Remember that in order to achieve anything, you need to believe that it can be done. Remove fears and apprehensions from your head and constantly remind or tell your inner self that you really can do it, and you will be able to project yourself to the astral regions. Write down your beliefs make it easier and always remember that a total belief in yourself can achieve almost anything in life.

An extremely important thing in attempting astral projection is to meditate. With increased meditation, you become more aware of your inner self. It will become possible for you to control your subconscious and channel all your energy and attention into whatever is your desire which enables you to develop a heightened power of visualization which is imperative for successful astral projection.

The grasping of astral travel includes the very crucial element of time. The perfect moment in time in which to induce such a projection is during REM sleep. Humans sleep in four stages with each phase becoming deeper than the previous one. After the end stage of very deep sleep, we see the reversal of the cycle till it comes to the stage commonly called REM or rapid eye movement stage where the brain activity is at its highest. This is the time which is the most conducive for mastering astral projection.

When you are completely prepared mentally for astral projection and know the right time for it, choose a dimly lit room where it is calm and peaceful without any interference from person or electrical devices. It is necessary to abstain from too much food and items like caffeine and thereafter lie down slowly. You should also be wearing light cozy clothes. Your main objective should be to simulate REM sleep.

Initially you should relax and meditate and becoming aware of yourself and the energy flowing in you. You need to focus this energy by imagining you floating away from your body or alternatively you can imagine a rope and watching yourself climbing it.

A vital thing to remember when ungergoing astral projection is that if you are nervous regarding whether you’ll be able to return to the body then you will not be able to leave in the first place.

You are likely to feel a pulling effect from your body or feel a unexpected ‘sucking back’ from your astral level to reality.

You can surprisingly turn to technology. Binaural beats which is when two soundwaves of unique frequencies are played back through each ear for synchronization in the brain creates the mental condition to allow astral projecting.

Whatever technique you adopted to get yourself prepared and then commencing the journey of astral projection, it will truly be a journey of a lifetime and a trip to remember.

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