astral projection technique

Astral projection is a kind of out of body experience that allows the astral body to journey everywhere to any destination in the cosmos. This also advances the notion that humans have seven bodies, one for each of the seven different planes, according to the training of Madame Blavatsky.

In the course of travel, an astral body sees other bodies instead of the physical, etheric, emotional and spiritual bodies et cetera. In out of body experiences such as near death along with remote viewing, the awareness in a person is removed from his or her physical body. However in astral projection, it is the astral body that leaves the body and not the soul or awareness. In reality, the conscious mind follows the astral body leaving. The astral body is the body with the aura. The astral cord that connects it to the corporeal body throughout astral projection is said to be forever elastic. It is like a kind of Ariadne’s thread or cosmic umbilical cord.

Astral projection, additionally generally described as astral travel or astral journey, is the power that ensures the splitting up of the spirit from the body for some time till the astral body is ready to go back to the corporeal body. As the body or physical presence presumes a deep trance during astral projection, a person presumes an astral form that travels on the astral plane after separating from the body. More experienced individuals can manage both the astral and the corporeal presences. They also can levitate in the astral form. Additionally, some individuals may be enabled to possess others quickly however the chances of fighting over the conscious are high. Astral form can additionally simulate the character of a ghost.

They are capable of obtaining the possession power throughout projection and fly through spiritual in addition to mental dimensions. In the case of high level individuals, they have the ability to interact with the physical environment making use of unnoticeable astral form. Just the people with spiritual or mental powers are capable of seeing or noticing them. In order to impact their immediate environments, some of individuals could make their astral form corporal. In more advanced cases of astral projection, the users do whisper into their target’s ears making them (targets) think that the whispers are their own ideas. This leads to a form of psychic persuasion.

There are particular strategies and methods to use in order to initiate an out of body experience. For example, lucid dreaming is one of the aspects you could master so that you can learn the art of keeping your mind mindful while your physical body is asleep.

This easily permits you to wake the mind while you are asleep. Since astral projection is initiated just when the mind is conscious unlike in dreams. Lucid dreaming works best by producing a sleep paralysis circumstance that will enable your astral body to leave your physical body. For some individuals, this works when they try waking up at around 4am and staying up in their beds for some 20 to 30 mins. Returning to sleep thereafter is most likely to trigger sleep paralysis allowing them to separate from your physical body. All these exercise ask for persistence, intent in addition to practice.


Naturally, our minds have an uncanny ability to over evaluate every little thing due to the worry of going out of our areas of existence. Experiencing new feelings and things such as astral projection is something many of us will be worried about doing.

This is why finding out ways to accomplish astral projection could be a bit hard mainly since we normally make trying new things tougher than it really is. Those who have tried astral projection but fail generally do so because they have over examined the idea to the point where they believe it is not feasible. Simply because they did not manage to be successful in the first attempt, they often think that astral projection is not feasible. Exactly what a person must do in order to have an astral projection is to manage his real world. The steps taken previously beginning a try are essential. For instance, the person must see to it that there is no disruption during the exercise. Decreasing your stress levels prior to an attempt helps in accomplishing an astral projection. You need to be relaxed entirely at one hundred per cent. Thus, an appropriate meditation has to be done and this takes some time and a lot of persistence.

Astral projection could just occur when the mind accomplishes particular frequency levels in the brain. These demands can be satisfied by use an aid such as binaural beats. These are recordings designed to assist the mind reach the frequencies that allow astral projection to take place much easier and quicker. They also help in concentrating on and preserving the sinking feeling.

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