astral projection using binaural beats

Mastering Astral Travel includes grasping the art of separating your consciousness from your physical body and traveling from this towards a much higher astral dimension.

Historically, ancient religious practitioners were all masters at doing this and could transcend the physical restraints of the universe by traveling to a higher astral plane.

Do you imagine what it would feel to exit your body and let your consciousness journey to different ethereal levels, recognizing your own body and the world from far away? It is for this very reason that comprehending astral projection is something which is very popular amongst many different cultures.

In mastering astral projection, a very important thing is to communicate with your subconscious mind using affirmations so that you will be able to do it. If you have any doubts that it will work then astral travel will be extremely difficult. You have to have complete faith and so the best thing you can do is to write down some of your beliefs regarding life and reality and then make a note and reiterate to yourself all about the eternally free, omnipotent existence of your spiritual being which is capable of travelling independently to another astral plane.

Meditation is a very important part which is critical for mastering astral projection. When you use meditation one achieves increased self-consciousness with understanding about his real self and what his potential is. It assists calming your mind, increasing awareness and control over one’s subconscious mind and assists in imagining and focusing all of his energy and attention towards that vision which is very essential in case of comprehending astral projection.

The grasping of astral projection includes the very crucial element of time. The perfect moment in which projection should be induced is during REM sleep. Humans have four main stages of sleeping with each stage becoming deeper than the previous one. After the final stage of very deep sleep, we see the reversal of the cycle until it comes to the phase commonly called REM or rapid eye movement stage where the brain’s activity is at its maximum. This is the time which is the most conducive for comprehending astral travel.

Successfully mastering astral projection involves developing the right atmosphere. Small assistance elements would be to wear comfortable clothing, vegetarian food prior to such activities and refraining from items such as alcohol. Choose a space which is soothing and tranquil. A softly lit or candle lit ambience where there are no electronic accessories to cause interference should suffice.

You can start with very small meditational techniques for calming down your mind and to guide your energies. Attempt to visualize a rope dangling in front of you and see yourself ascending out of your body. Go into a deep trance like phase and focus all your energies on this perception.

An essential point to take note of in mastering astral projection is the fact that when you are moving away from your body, even if you for the insignificant of moments think about or feel a unexpected fear regarding whether you can return back to your body, then be assured that your astral projection will come to a abrupt end then and there.

Don’t be afraid or you will be unable to project. Even if you manage to travel to a higher plane and at that point get worried in traveling too far away from the body then your astral body would suddenly be pulled in into your physical body.

It is possible to use Binaural Beats in comprehending astral travel if you want to experience new technology. This involves hearing different sound waves through each ear which goes into the brain to synchronize and thereby establish a psychic condition that is highly conducive to astral travel.

The art of successful astral projecting is without doubt one of the most rewarding way to understand the full potential of yourself beyond the illusionary physical universe.

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