astral projection out of body experience

Becoming a success with Astral Travel requires grasping the art of separating your consciousness from your physical body and traveling from this to a higher astral dimension. Historically, ancient religious practitioners were presumed to be masters projecting and could transcend the physical borders of the universe by traveling to a higher astral plane.

Most people work very hard to learn astral projection. This is due to the fact that the amazing act of leaving your own physical body to look at it from afar is a mind blowing experience. Moreover, what is referred to as your subtle state of consciousness, your aura or your soul transcends our current reality and your consciousness then moves to a higher plane which is moving away from the body to wherever you want, looking at the world at a distance.

This means that astral projection is a very popular activity amidst new age followers and others.

In grasping astral travel, you need to believe in yourself and make sure that you really believe that you can separate your aura, astral body or consciousness from your physical body making it move freely to ethereal realms. The best way to do this is to write down all your ideas on life and reality, consequently make a note of all the positive things that you want to see materializing and make affirmations regarding this.

Meditation is a vital component which is crucial for comprehending astral travel. When you use meditation one achieves increased self-consciousness with understanding about his real self and potential. It facilitates relaxing one’s mind, increasing control over one’s inner self and helps in visualizing and focusing all his energy and attention to that vision which is very essential in case of comprehending astral projection.

It is important to note in trying to perfect astral travel, the time in which you intend inducing it. Astral projection is related to sleep, this is specifically REM and lucid dreaming stages. When sleeping you essentially go through four stages of sleep which is growing deeper in each one. When the fourth stage has concluded the cycle inverses till it reaches the REM mode which is when you experience Rapid eye Movement and intense brain activity. This is actually when people have the most dreams and is perfect for astral travel.

Successfully mastering astral projection involves creating the right ambience.

Small facilitating factors would be to wear comfortable clothing, only eat vegetarian food prior to such exercises and abstinence from items such as coffee or other stimulants. Decide on a space which is calm and quiet. A dimly lit or candle filled atmosphere where there are not any electrical devices to cause interference should really be sufficient.

Start with meditating and then be aware of yourself and the energy flowing in you. You need to focus this energy by visualizing you leaving your body or you can even visualize a rope and seeing yourself climb up it.

What can stop you from astral projection is the fear or apprehensiveness in the mind of the person regarding returning back to his physical body. Always bear in mind that having faith and belief is the most important thing and even the slightest reluctance concerning such things will not let the travel from being a success.

Don’t be afraid or you will not be able to do it. Even if you can manage to project to a higher dimension and then you get worried in journeying away from the body then your spiritual self would suddenly be pulled in into your physical body.

Nowadays you can make use of Binaural Beats in grasping astral travel if you go the technological way. This involves hearing different sound waves through each ear which goes into the brain to harmonize and thereby establish a psychic condition that is highly conducive to astral travel.

Whatever technique you decided to use to get yourself prepared and then startomg the journey of astral projection, it will truly be a journey of a lifetime and a feeling to remember.

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